Googling Mr. Gross

I wasn’t that interested in the Keith Gross story until Erick brought the technology spin in earlier today. After that I got a little curious and did some digging.

Keith Gross bought Chris’ Steak House in Gaithersburg, Maryland in July 2005. As recently as June 2006 folks were submitting reviews, and even specifically commenting about how owners Keith and Ben were never too busy to stop by the table to socialize. Unless he was commuting from Georgia, my guess is that Gross was living in Maryland at the time.

I wasn’t able to find exactly when Chris’ shut down, but in fact the June 28, 2006 review from above commented about eating at Chris’ the previous week.

Now, it seems to me that the issue of residency is a pretty valid one at this point – and should be easy enough to prove on the part of Gross. There is enough data to suggest that he at least was cutting it very close.

As to the issue of the Florida tags, I’m willing to bet that he believes the ad valorem tax sucks just as much as everyone else, and kept his car registered in Florida with family or friends as long as possible. He’s certainly not the first to do that. But, last time I checked, you had thirty days to get Georgia plates when you move into the state.

Mr. Gross or Mr. Acuna, consider this an open request from PeachPundit to clear things up. Specifically, give a timeline of Mr. Gross’ residency in the state with supporting facts. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll post your response, unedited, to the front page.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    The fact that it closed shortly after he bought it really backs up his claim that he buys and saves failing businesses and was a millionaire at 14. I hear that’s how you make serious money, closing shop shortly after purchasing buying it.

  2. SouthernBelle says:

    P.S. You do have 30 days to register your car when you move to Georgia but you ALSO have 60 days to get yourself a Georgia DL.

  3. Tea Party says:

    Who did this guy pish off?

    FOUR front pages on HIM, and the N. DeKalb incorporation to become what will be one of the largest sities in GA is barely covered?

    OH the shame, the injustice:

    It’s BS
    It’s malarkey
    It’s outrageous.

    Where were y’all last nite, say around 7:30PM?

  4. Doug Deal says:


    Backtrack from what? People have a right to question his residency, and he has produced no evidence that he is indeed been a resident other than making claims. He had to make those claims on documents filed with the SoS in order to run in the first place, so by that standard they would have been proven correct by the mere submission of them.

    Perhaps he is a minimually qualified to run, be he is definitely unqualified by any real standard above the bare absolute minimum qualifications, such as having a pulse for 21 years.

    I have lived in Georgia for 18 years, and I would probably only now consider running for something like the state legislature if it was something that I would want to do.

    It should take a lot more than 1-3 years of living in a state and an absurdly high opinion of one’s own accomplishments to be qualified to hold the public trust in the highest level of legislative authority in the state.

  5. Decaturguy says:

    Billy actually makes a good point, Doug. Mike was about a year out of law school when he moved to the district and ran for office.

  6. Doug Deal says:

    I do not know anything about Mr. Jacobs, other than he changed parties, so I cannot express an opinion about him, and do not care enough to express an opinion. Mr. Jacobs does not represent me, and doubtfully shares much of my political philosophy, but he is clearly not in violation of the rules for who can serve as a representative in Georgia. At least he has that going for him.

    Mr. Gross, on the other hand is interesting in that he seems to be in violation of the law if only because of his peculiar past. If he indeed is a genuine 2 year resident of Georgia (who simultaneously ran a restaurant in MD) then more power to him.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    Then I agree on the “he shouldn’t run for office” point of view. I really dislike arrogant jerks who think that at 23-24 they are qualified to run the government, or people who think they can move into a community and “represent” it after a year or two living in it. The only thing that they are representing is their own inflated self image.

  8. Ms_midtown says:

    If your name is on the ballot you are qualified for that office, that’s why the Sec of State calls it qualifing.

    Voters are smart enough to decide who they want for their representative.
    A 19 year old just won the mayoral office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, population 40,000.

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