DeKalb NAACP On The Hunt For Racist Judges

Crossroads News of DeKalb County is reporting that DeKalb NAACP members and students from DeKalb Technical College will observe the workings of a courtroom later tonight. Per the report, they’ll be “taking note of what happens in Judge Michael Leeper’s courtroom as a part of the DeKalb NAACP’s “Legal Eye” initiative, started in April by the chapter monitor, observe and study the justice system.” Think they will sit in court with an open mind to learn about the inner workings of the criminal justice system? Don’t hold your breath…they are walking in with preconceptions already in mind:

NAACP president Vivian Moore has already set the stage for the students who are going to accompany her on this journey:

“When you look at how many minorities are incarcerated over the years you know that something is not working,” she said. Moore started the program after sitting in a traffic court session and viewing 75 African-Americans and only two Caucasians with traffic violations. “That pointed out several things to me,” she said. “I’m not sure that there is, but there could be some racism in there. We won’t know for sure until we are actually there to observe, listen and see for ourselves.”

The fact that Moore is “not sure” that there is racism doesn’t bother her from pursuing her crusade. Ditto the fact that Judge Michael Leeper is the Magistrate Judge in Stone Mountain and his wife is an Obama supporter. Did Ms. Moore ever realize that there might be more blacks in traffic court because there are a majority of blacks living in DeKalb County? Or are the black CEO, police chief and county commissioners part of the conspiracy and being controlled by the evidently highly secretive “white power structure” which allegedly runs Dougherty County?


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