But Andre Called Senator Douglas Racist For This Statement

Rewind to June 13, 2007. On this blog, Andre Walker reacted to the following statement from Senator John Douglas about the Genarlow Wilson Case:

“…if it had been my daughter, he [Genarlow Wilson] wouldn’t have made it to jail. Bigger problems would have awaited other than the judge and jury. But almost certainly the girls didn’t have fathers at home to guide them in their teen years. Another casualty of the welfare system.”

Andre said that the Senator’s comment had to have been “one of the most racist and condescending comments that I have ever seen from a politician” because he assumed that because the girls were black that they had to have been on welfare.

Well now, almost a year later, Andre now says that comparing the looks of an African American candidate for President to a monkey and putting it on a t-shirt and selling it is somehow not racist and that those of us who think it is and are offended are “pansies” – a derogatory term used against gay people.

Wow, Andre, thank goodness your collegues rejected your attempt to be voting delegate at the convention. Maybe in your world comparing the looks of an African American to a monkey is not racist, but fortunately even Rush Limbaugh acknowledges it is racist.


  1. Andre Walker says:

    You know what DecaturGuy, I’m not about to get into a penis-measuring contest with you over this because I mean you, as a gay male, might get turned on over penises being whipped out and measured.

  2. Andre Walker says:

    And you need to get over your unhealthy obsession with me.

    For the last time, I am not switching teams. I like women too much.

    Get up off my (insert words here)!

  3. Andre Walker says:

    Folks, I’m sorry you had to be a witness to all this but DecaturGuy has a well-documented history of stalking me across the internet. I know he gets wet…with perspiration but he’s gay and I’m straight. It’d never work, so DecaturGuy please direct your affections someplace else.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    It’s nice for a change to see representatives from two large factions of the Democratic party – homosexual and African-American – wail away at one another for a change.

    What can I say to exacerbate the situation yet not get myself involved in the argument?

  5. Decaturguy says:

    What??? If there is any obsession I have with you, Andre, it is over how consistently stupid you are. You have clearly demonstrated your bigotry and self-loathing here in this thread.

  6. SFCWallace says:

    Back to the main point, why is it ok to compare a white guy to a monkey and racist to compare a black guy to one?

  7. heroV says:

    It does seem like an obsession. There are plenty of other people on this site you could stalk and argue with over their opinions (by retrieving a year-old blog post within minutes??) but you don’t seem to be as vigilant with them.

  8. Decaturguy says:

    why is it ok to compare a white guy to a monkey and racist to compare a black guy to one?

    Because comparing black people to monkeys has been something that white racists have done for centuries. Look at some of those racist cartoons from a 100 years ago SFCWallace.

  9. Andre Walker says:


    Let’s be honest here.

    You’ve had pictures of me dated back to 2004 on your site; pictures of me wearing a hat full of campaign buttons; pictures of me standing next to Vernon Jones and you say you aren’t obsessed?


    I bet on those dark and stormy nights when the wind is blowing real hard and you need the comfort of some strong manly arms wrapped around you, you turn on your computer and gaze intensely at the myriad of photographs of me you have saved on your hard drive.

    Just admit it.

  10. Decaturguy says:

    What I am obsessed with heroV is to not allow a pandering fool like Andre to give racists cover for doing their racist deeds (because he is black and purportedly agrees with them). He does this to draw attention to himself (and, yes, maybe I help further that along) just like he plays the role of the conservative, black Democrat to draw attention to himself. And when you confront him on his past statements or actions as inconsistent, he just calles you a faggot.

    What a guy, that Andre.

  11. Andre Walker says:

    DecaturGuy, DecaturGuy, DecaturGuy,

    Why are you making false claims about me?

    I have never called you or anyone else who has disagreed with me a “faggot.”


    Is it not true that you are a gay male; and

    Is it not further true that I have frequently been the object of your musings on your blog “Atlanta Public Affairs”; and

    Is it not further true that you have posted pictures of me on your blog “Atlanta Public Affairs”; and

    Is it not further true that one could conclude that you as a gay male who has posted pictures of another male repeatedly on your blog, “Atlanta Public Affairs”, may have some sort of romantic interest in me; and

    Is it not further true that I am a straight male; and

    Is it not further true that in the face of overwhelming evidence that I will never feel for you the way you feel for me, you have shown a propensity to lash out in anger towards an individual who will not return your affections.

  12. heroV says:

    Decaturguy, fair point (I guess?). Andre does seem to prefer dodging the question by saying “get off my nutz, fairy!!” rather than coming up with a cogent response.

  13. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “Find someone in a union, and we might be able to turn this into a three way.”

    Yes, teachers are in unions.

  14. Icarus says:

    Why oh why did you people insist on banning GOPeach?

    Her interjection is the only thing that could make this more entertaining.

  15. Decaturguy says:

    Andre, I’m not sure why you are fascinated by the idea that I’m romantically interested in you (I’ve got picutres of lots of different people on my blog), but it does make one question. Those picures were put up there to show that in a matter of 12 months you morphed from a Howard Dean supporting, DNC convention going, Vernon Jones supporting, liberal Democrat into your current act as a conservative.

    But get it out of your head, I’m not interested in your and never have been (if you want to know the truth you are fat and gross).

  16. heroV says:

    In all seriousness Andre does look like a hideous combination of David Ortiz and Shrek. He’s a bit delusional if he thinks Decaturguy is seriously romantically interested. What about a response on the issue??

  17. Andre Walker says:

    A response on the issue?

    My response on the underlying issue, the Barack Obama/Curious George t-shirts, is that I think people are over reacting to what I consider to be a manufactured controversy.

    I don’t consider the t-shirts racist. In fact I don’t think the t-shirts in question come close to real racism that many have experienced in the past; racism such as serving in the Army, going to a laundromat to wash your clothes before you ship out, and having the white owner unplug the coin-operated washers & dryers instead of allowing someone black to use them.

    Now that’s real racism and that happened in Macon, Georgia when my mother was in her twentys.

    Somehow a t-shirt with a depiction of the character “Curious George” and the words “Obama in ’08” under it doesn’t measure up to a black soldier being refused service in a laundromat just because of his skin tone.

    That’s my response.

  18. Doug Deal says:


    That is exactly my point on this issue as well. To compare someone making a stupid t-shirt with real acts of racism is absurd.

  19. heroV says:

    So mere words and/or imagery cannot be racist? You have to commit an “act of racism?”

  20. Decaturguy says:

    I’m still having trouble understanding how Senator Douglas can look at black girls and say they are a product of the welfare system gone wrong and you say that was the most racist statement you’ve ever heard, but some redneck bar owner puts a picture of a monkey eating a bannana and underneath it “Obama ’08” and that’s not racist at all.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    DecaturGuy Sez: “pansies” – a derogatory term used against gay people.”

    Dang it! Another perfectly acceptable heterosexual term to use against other heterosexual men who ARE acting like pansies STOLEN from the darned gay and queer folk.

    DecaturGuy, what else are you folks going to steal from us?

  22. drjay says:

    i never realized the girls in the wilson case were african american–i thought i remembered one of the talking points being that his “dates” were white and that was part of why it was being prosecuted so vigorously, no???

  23. SouthFultonGuy says:

    RE: “In all seriousness Andre does look like a hideous combination of David Ortiz and Shrek.”


  24. Bill Simon says:


    You need to keep drilling that into the skulls of Chris Farris and John Konop..I’m tired of toting that message. SOME people haven’t had enough perspective in the real world to figure out what to get upset about.

  25. dorian says:

    As it happens, I am now accepting applications for an internet troll to follow me around the internet, dig through my old postings, and criticize me shamelessly while he/she secretly have a (man) crush on me.

    No serious kooks, please (you know who I mean).

  26. GAR says:

    FREE GOPeach

    That was easily the best commenter in the history of PeachPundit.

    As for this current feud I suggest a healthy rock paper scissors contest.

  27. dorian says:

    Icarus I still get teary eyed every time I picture your singing “Hero” to me by Enrique Iglesias.

  28. Icarus says:


    I never knew.

    All this time I thought you prefered “Wind beneath my wings”.

  29. Icarus says:


    In case you haven’t been following the multiple threads, it is the official:


    day at Peach Pundit.

  30. Icarus says:


    Please refrain from using the word “bottom”, or the phrase “on the bottom”.

    It’s just not cool.

  31. dorian says:

    Here Icarus. I decided to write you a Haiku.

    Icarus like quiche
    lots of eggs. other stuff too.
    antelopes are swift

  32. John Konop says:

    You are both wrong.


    The pansy or pansy violet is a plant cultivated as a garden flower. Pansies are derived from Viola tricolor also called the Heartsease or ‘Johnny Jump Up’, stepmothers flower,or ladies delight. However, many garden varieties are hybrids and are referred to as Viola × wittrockiana but sometimes they are listed under the name Viola tricolor hortensis. The name “pansy” also appears as part of the common name of a number of wildflowers belonging, like the cultivated pansy, to the genus Viola. Some unrelated species, such as the Pansy Monkeyflower, also have “pansy” in their name.


  33. dorian says:

    Sorry Icarus. If I swung that way, you’d need alot more money. On a side note, I’ll give someone a nickle if they can interpret whatever John is meandering on about.

  34. Jessica says:

    I don’t want your nickel, but I think he just proved why wikipedia isn’t a totally reliable source. A pansy couldn’t actually be a flower. C’mon now, let’s be reasonable.

  35. dorian says:

    I see how it is. You think you’re too good to take my nickel. Fine. I’ll keep it. On second thought, you can’t have my nickel. I quite like it. It is shiny, and Jefferson sorta looks like Elvis if you turn it just the right way.

  36. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Geez, this thread sucks. It’s like a fight between two high school girls PMS-ing.

    The two of you should take your little feud off this board, you’re just making yourselves look bad on here.

    The topic is stupid…who gives a crap about an Obama/Monkey t-shirt? It’s not about race, it’s about him being a liberal Democrat. Get over it, there’s a lot of WAY more important things to spend your time on in life than claiming some right wing bar owner is a racist . As for Andre’s responses…very mature, trying to discredit Decaturguy with nothing more than saying he’s gayu and has a crush on yo. The intelligence level of your response reminds me of that stupid, “subtle” post about Obama’s middle name being “Hussein”…like that freaking matters. Damn, I know a guy who’s middle name is Jesus…I don’t think he’s the 2nd coming or anything like that.

  37. Bill Simon says:

    (Soooo, JESSICA’s the reason why it takes so long to get moving when the traffic light changes from red to green…because “change smells funny”…)

  38. Demonbeck says:

    Pansies are homophobic? I knew it.

    I’ll bet Roses are Racist
    and Violets are clinically depressed.
    If Pansies get professional help
    will Andre give it a rest?

    It’s 12:05, welcome to Poetry Friday.

  39. Jessica says:

    Don’t get me started on traffic. I could go on for a lifetime just about things that smell funny.

  40. John Konop says:

    The root of this argument is from drinking cheap beer. If you guys buy better beer you will drink less and make more sence.

    I know Jace and Rugby will argue with me about blogging and drinking cheap beer.

    FOX-Cash-strapped Drinkers Downgrade to Economy Beers

    MILWAUKEE–Cash-strapped drinkers are starting to trade down to economy beers, the chief executive of Miller Brewing Co. said Thursday.

    The Milwaukee-based brewer saw some shift between higher-priced, premium beers and economy beers such as Miller High Life and Milwaukee’s Best starting in January, Tom Long told reporters on a conference call.

    “We think it’s primarily driven by decline of disposable income and pocket money that American consumers are feeling right now,” he said.


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