Albany’s “White Power Structure”

Benita Childs, a candidate vying to become the next Dougherty County Sheriff, sharply criticized the publisher of a local weekly newspaper Wednesday after he wrote an opinion column predicting her candidacy would split the black vote and prevent James Williams, the candidate endorsed by the paper, from winning the seat, as the Albany Herald is reporting.

Standing in front of the offices of the Albany Southwest Georgian, Childs called on the public to reject publisher Art Searles’ column, calling it “venomous rhetoric” meant to keep the Dougherty County community divided. In a column published in the May 7-13 edition of the Southwest Georgian, Searles, who also serves as the Dougherty County Commission’s District 5 representative, hinted that Childs had been put up to running by what he called the “white power structure,” in an effort to split the black vote, making it tougher for Williams to win.  [Emphasis added]

Damn those white overlord oppressors!


  1. ksuowls81 says:

    As a person born and raised in Albany I can go ahead and tell you that white people have very little power in Albany. White’s may have sherriff but the mayor, the Police Chief, a majority of the city council, city manager, downtown manager, and about anything else you may name has a black person in power.

    Sometimes I wish I were black just so I could use race whenever something doesn’t go my way.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    The attitude expressed in your statement is exactly why there are problems with race.

    White’s do not HAVE the sheriff’s office, blacks do not HAVE the mayor, police chief or city council. Individuals have these positions. As long as whites or blacks continue to think in terms of us/them, it will never end.

    Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy do not represent me simply because they are white. But, Hermain Cain and Clarence Thomas, certainly do.

  3. ksuowls81 says:

    No I agree with what you have said. All I was doing was replying to the post. I worked on Herman Cain’s campaign and Dylan Glenn is one of my favorite politicians.

    I have no attitude I was just commenting on the sheriff candidate’s ignorant comments.

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