1. jillchambers says:

    Poor little Dick – he just can’t seem to check the facts…

    the potential lawsuits referenced in the Dunwoody Crier article will be:
    1. constitutionality of changing the Homestead Option Sales Tax (HOST) disbursement without county-wide voter approval

    2. the Perimeter Community Improvement District’s Cooperation agreement with DeKalb County requiring the county to provide all governmental services in that commercial district (this contract is mandated by the GA Constitution).

    No lawsuits will be filed unless the voters approve the Dunwoody incorporation referendum.

    So – since these two revenue streams may not be available to a new City of Dunwoody – how much will the homeowers be willing to pay in additional taxes? what about the businees owners – how much of a tax increase are they willing to pay?

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Rep Chambers are you still dating Vernon “Mattress King” Jones? = )

    Just kidding. Godspeed in your re-election

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    On the one hand people have the right to self-determination. And on the other hand people need to own up to their responsibility as citizens. DeKalb County needs Dunwoody’s leadership and participation. Just because Vernon has been an bully is no reason to pick up your marbles and run home. He is about to be gone. Get involved! Engage the county constructively and creatively.

    Instead the results of this incorporation movement appear to be more government, more taxes, a very complicated intergovernmental service agreement, a cottage industry for municipalization (with advocates creating a government job or political office for themselves) and more wasteful lawsuits on legislation that was rushed in a near panic atmosphere.

    Sandy Springs probably had a legitimate reason to incorporate given the zoning decisons imposed upon them. However Dunwoody is totally different. In terms of zoning issues, DeKalb County has been very responsive to the Dunwoody Homeowners Association, which gets what they want 99.9% of the time with rezonings. In DeKalb, the district commissioner calls the shots on rezonings. If she doesn’t want it; it doesn’t happen. The DHA weighs in on every rezoning in Dunwoody, and the deal is worked out with the DHA, the applicant and the Commissioner.

  4. jillchambers says:

    the Dunwoody sponsors seem to think that state government can force this city through by changing state laws each time they uncover contigencies regarding tax revenue and expenses. They should have done their due diligence and examined encumbered revenue streams in the community.

    If a group of citizens are disappointed with their form of government, does it really make sense to create even MORE government?

    Prog Dem is right about the influence of the DHA on zoning as well as encouraging creative solutions.

    The DeKalb Republicans created and engineered the passage of the HOST tax in the late 90’s. It was a perfect example of citizens exercising their freedom to redress their grievences with government – and we won! Thus the potential legal challenge with the re-distribution of this sales tax to Dunwoody.

    oh, RomeGaGuy, ol’ Vern’s been sued for not finishing the job, so why would I want to go out with him? 😉

    yours for less government and lower taxes,

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    It makes no sense to create more government.

    The brilliance of the American political system is that it forces compromise and consensus. The past reapportionment procedures in the state and the increased municipalization are short circuiting the democratic process.

    We no longer have to find leaders who can see, appreciate and bridge both sides. Instead we elect idealogues shouting sound bite cliches who never have to bring opposing ideas and sides to the table. As result we do not find real solutions. Is Dunwoody going to solve transportation/congestion? Will it overcome the shortage of public services from rapid regional growth? Will it lower crime? Improve education? Will it ignore Georgia law and precedent on zoning? Clearly, the answer is no. Dunwoody can run, but it can not hide from the state and regional issues that all of us face in metro Atlanta. Creating a city won’t fix any of those problems.

    None of us has a lock on the truth or justice. A republican (small r) form of government requires us to advocate, listen and consider opposing ideas, and it is through such consideration that progress is made. And it is through such a process that true leaders emerge. It really doesn’t take much thinking or leadership to advocate for a homogenious community, but it takes brains and courage to enage the opposition and find solutions that are best for the greater good. Don’t run and hide Dunwoody; get in the game.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    “It makes no sense to create more government.”

    If for 100% of the time, it “makes no sense to create new government,” then perhaps we should disband some other government layers because perhaps those layers were wrongly created.

    I say let DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Fulton counties all join-up as one with super county (like they have in Texas) and eliminate a whole slew of government waste.

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