Scott Holcomb on the GI Bill

Scott Holcomb, former Democrat candidate for Secretary of State and the guy who ran the best damn ad ever for that positionhas an op-ed out today going after Saxby Chambliss on the new GI Bill.

On May 1, Sen. Chambliss put out a press release to crow about his support for the Enhancement of Recruitment, Retention, and Readjustment through Education Act, S.2938. This is a bill which promises to raise education benefits for veterans who have served since 9/11. What Sen. Chambliss omits in that press release is that his support of this bill is nothing but political cover.

S.2938 is a shadow of the real G.I. Bill now pending in the Senate. S.2938 isn’t going to pass and Chambliss and the other co-sponsors, including Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson, know it.

The real action is taking place surrounding S. 22, the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2007. S.22 was proposed by combat veterans from both political parties. It actually fixes the G.I. Bill so that it works for today’s veterans and their families


  1. Old Vet says:

    You’d think that pure shame of having been a draft dodger would compel Sax to support meaningful assistance for our veterans. Heck, I owe my current professional life to the GI bill, and am not oblivious to how grateful I should be – and am.

  2. GeorgiaValues says:

    Saxby has been the Senate’s most active advocate for Veterans and for our troops. McCain opposed this bill as well. Details will be forthcoming.

  3. SFCWallace says:

    Somehow I doubt that Saxby Chamblis is a draft dodger, and as for the GI Bill, veterans are getting over $60,000 for College after they get out and up to 100% tuition assistance while they’re in. Not quite sure what the problem is, other than you don’t like him and you’ll say anything to try to defeat him.

  4. DMZDave says:

    While Saxby isn’t a vet, he has always been very supportive and respectful of veterans and active duty soldiers. He is no “draft dodger.”

    I retired from the Army and just last Saturday put a nephew on a plane to Iraq after his mid-tour leave. I trust Saxby to get the details right on any improvements to the GI Bill. The country owes a great deal to the young men and women serving in Iraq and elsewhere overseas. Probably a good place to start in Georgia would be to eliminate all state income tax for Georgian military personnel serving outside the state who are not drawing upon any services but still paying Georgia income tax. If liberal states like NY and CA can do that for their soldiers, you would think we could do so in Georgia. Georgia could also fund our own Georgia GI “Hope” scholarship. You serve us – we serve you.

    The good news is we would keep these deserving vets in state and students could benefit from the “diversity” of having veterans in the classroom explaining to liberal professors what patriotism is all about.

  5. joe says:

    “Chambliss earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia in 1966 and earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1968.”

    I am sure that Chambliss, like many others, carried a student deferment. After he graduated in 1968, IF he had been drafted, he would have spent a couple of years as a JAG officer.

    Doesnt sound like a draft dodger to me.

  6. Old Vet says:

    Saxby was 4F because of “bad knees,” a common problem at the time among those who had the connections to get away with it. I knew a college athlete who was deferred for the same reason, although he was fully capable of playing baseball. Whatever dodge you used, bad knees, other priorities, weak spine, it’s dodging. I have no problem with anyone who got out of serving in that horrid morrass, as long as they own up to having done it.

  7. SFCWallace says:

    So, everyone who was medically disqualified from serving, or recieved a student deferment was a draft dodger? Or just the ones you disagree with politically?

  8. Wayne Mosley says:

    It is unfortunate that we overlooking a significant issue like revising the GI Bill in order to score political points. But hey, let’s run with it. Old Vet you evidently wish to set the standard that if you didi not serve in the military than you are a “draft dodger”. Will you be alerting the Obama and Clinton campaigns or should I?

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