Get out of jail free cards

IA reported this morning that Sen. Johnny Grant won’t have general election opposition because his opponent has withdrawn after discovering he lives a few yards outside the district.

Also, the AJC is reporting that the challenger to Mike Jacobs is being contested w/ the SOS’s office. Apparently Keith Gross, the democrat, still has a FL license, FL tag, and registered to vote in Georgia in November of 2007. The Constitution requires a two year state residency and one year district residency prior to running for office.

So far the only thing to be said about the Democrat’s state legislative recruitment strategy is that its better than the LP’s strategy.


  1. drjay says:

    wow too bad this guy isn’t running for congress instead–stone doesn’t live in the 12th and was voting up in va up until last year and he’s in the clear…

  2. Donzi says:

    If the “Johnny Grant” situation applied to John Stone, he’d be disqualified from running. Not only does Stone not live in the district, when he formed his campaign committee he was a registered voter in Virginia and didn’t switch his registration until 6 months after being a candidate for Congress in GA.

  3. drjay says:

    right which is why i said–“too bad this guy isn’t running for congress instead”–you can basically move to the state on monday and run for congress on tuesday, even if the district you choose to run in is not the one you choose to call “home”–i just did it in a snarky way to poke a little fun at the stone campaign..

  4. Romegaguy says:

    Dr I think you would have to live in the state at least a year before being sworn into Congress

  5. tomscott52 says:

    Keith Gross has lived in the district long and lived in Georgia long enough to be eligible to run for office – this is just Mike Jacobs being scared. The hilarious thing about this is that Mike Jacobs lived in the district almost as long as Keith has when he decided to run for office – and they’re both from Florida.
    If I were Keith, I’d take this is as a compliment and keep on knocking on doors like he’s been doing. Mike’s been trying to play power politics too much that he’s forgotten about his constituents and the issues they care about.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    HAHAHA maybe that is why he hasnt been sworn in it yet. I need to get some sleep…

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