1. Doug Deal says:

    So where is your outrage about all of the Bush as a monkey/chimp comparisons?

    If it is truly intrinsically racist as you claim, why would the same comparison be made to Bush, who evidently appears to be white?

    Oh yeah, because O’Bama is such a poor candidate, one must raise the spectre of racism at every opportunity, lest people catch on to that fact.

  2. Larry says:

    I don’t think the shirt is funny, but I think the way it has managed to garner so much attention is hilarious. The boycotters, media and bloggers (OK, maybe they are the media today) hadn’t made such a big deal of it, it would have died as another nut with a bad sense of humor.

  3. jsm says:

    Doug, you took the words right out of my mouth. When I used to work around militant liberals, they would put up those Bush/chimp comparison pictures in plain sight at their desks. I never once made an issue of it, because I respect their right to express whatever opinion they wish. When he won again in 2004, I thought some of their heads were going to explode. They sulked around the office for a week making snide comments about the President and the “stupid” American people.

    The best thing opponents could do about these shirts is ignore them.

  4. Doug Deal says:


    I think you are correct in your last statement. Raising ridiculous claims of racism are more likely to cost the Dems votes than gain them.

    If Obama is going to get 92% of the black vote anyway, and the turnout among black voters is already going to be high, they might want to consider sensibilities of white voters. Throwing out frivolous claims of racism at every opportunity will probably not gain him many of these voters. If anything, it will sharpen any racial divide and will end up pushing more of the 73.9% of voters who are white into McCain’s camp.

  5. Rick Day says:

    If you Republicans had not acted so much like Democrats for the past 20 years, we would not have this lopsided paradigm of ‘who looks more like a monkey’ discussions on a serious (?) political blog.

    This monkey thing is what is going to unify the libs, and push BO over the top.

    Which, in foresight, I see as a much more appropriate death blow to the so-called conservatives in power than ‘Madame President’ ever would!

    Yes, racism is not balanced. The other side gets a few generations of ‘free passes’ just to catch up on all the racism our last 8 generations have heaped upon the psyche of this nation.

    Take your medicine, Bubba.

  6. Tea Party says:

    I made the comment here some months ago:

    “Is America ready to elect an African American or a Woman to the Presidency?”

    Enter: ~chickens roosting~

    I predict that people in this Country, regardless of the outcomes in November shall be pushed EVEN further apart.

    IMHO, the Sen. Obama t-shirts are more wrong than the Pres. Bush monkey cups because the former is clearly racial and the latter is clearly mean. Racism is wrong, meanness is unpleasant.

    Either way, they both fail the stink test: Would you wear that t-shirt or take that cup to a company picnic?

    Much like Archie Bunker forced America to see African Americans in their 70’s living rooms, Sen. Obama is forcing America to come to grips with racism 30+ years after bussing began in our schools.

    I believe the American majority is moral.

    Both sides need to change.

    Can black America embrace the ‘Cosby’ message and step up the plate? Will certain Americans be willing to let go of the utter stupidity of racial judgement?

  7. Rogue109 says:

    I’m still waiting for SpaceyG’s daily report on her use of discounted travel websites…

  8. Demonbeck says:

    I am about to post about how I found an incredible deal. Apparently, a local sandwich shop is selling “five dollar footlongs.”

    I am going to “Eat Fresh” today!

  9. drjay says:

    this post is similar but different from yesterday’s in that she attempted to tie it to a story from msnbc out of dc to make it less about ga…

  10. ugadog says:

    I saw a shirt the other day that an african american gentleman was wearing the other day that had an unflattering picture of hillary with the caption NO! and a picture of obama wearing a turban with the caption HELL NO! Thought that was interesting.

  11. drjay says:

    the comments by moocher and i are similar–but different in that he supplied a link to the original post on the subject…

  12. jsm says:

    “IMHO, the Sen. Obama t-shirts are more wrong than the Pres. Bush monkey cups because the former is clearly racial and the latter is clearly mean.”

    What makes the curious George pic “clearly racial?” Is there another animal that would be more acceptable and be viewed as merely “mean?”

    And Rick, I’m not taking responsibility for the “last 8 generations,” nor will I accept the idea of a “free pass.” Using this so-called “free pass” only aggravates the tensions of stupid people on both sides of the issue, and it’s typically used only for political whining.

  13. BubbaRich says:

    It’s really amazing to read jsm and Doug attempting to say that the monkey comparison isn’t a clearly racist reference. Even the WGKA wingnuts weren’t buying that, but I guess those conservative hosts are really part of the liberal media.

    When I was in college, I was in the basketball pep band, and I once loudly referred to those “boys” on the court acting violent and crazy. Some of the other students pointed out that this was generally accepted to be a crude, racist comment.

    I had never noticed this used in a racist way, despite growing up in Alabama and Mississippi. Nevertheless, I didn’t complain about their “ridiculous claims of racism,” I accepted what they said, apologized, didn’t repeat it, and have since learned how often it is STILL used in a racist way, even 20 years after my error.

    If there are some redneck idiots who are living in a cave and pretending to not be aware that “monkey” and “ape” are still common racist epithets, they should be polite and apologize when they say it, even if they did not intend the racist slur.

    Unless, of course, they want to whine about how bad it is to be a white man in this country. My kids would probably say that Curious George is a lot smarter than Doug and jsm, but they haven’t learned how much they are suffering because they are white.

  14. Doug Deal says:


    I see your reading comprehension is very limited, so I will help you clear some things up.

    I, you, Obama, and everyone else has no idea what is going on inside the head of this apparently crazy old man. I will not defend or attack his motives because I do not know, and cannot possible know his motives.

    Unlike you, I do not go around looking for racist slurs in everything I see, hear and read. I once worked in an office that was 90 percent black, and I once told someone that she looked like a monkey. She happened to be white, and also happened to be scratching the top of her head with one hand and her side wih her other in a way that resembles a cartoon monkey that my sister once drew.

    There was no racist intent, the pose just reminded me of that image. What if I had said this to one of the black people in the office, under the same conditions. Would this merit a $10,000,000 civil action? Is this the kind of world that you would rather live in? I say give people the benefit of the doubt, and assume no malice in their actions unless they are explicit about it. Life for everyone, would be more pleasant.

    But to get back to my point. I was simply stating that this is a stupid strategy for Obama supporters to try to inflame every minor dubious claim of racism into a big national story. Obama already has 92% of the black vote securely in hand. He will not get more. Telling white people that things like this are true racism will turn those voters (you know the ones that aere voting against him in large margins) even further against him.

    Think about it this way. If 92% of blacks vote for Obama, that will give him a 10% edge in the election on average. If whites just go for McCain 58%-42&, that is more than enough to win the election.

    To put an even more ominous point on it, if 92% of blacks in Ohio go for Obama, 54% of whites will blunt the advantage. What do you think is easier to do, to go from 92%-96% support, or to gain the same number of voters by going from 54%-55%?

    This is why creating dubious claims of racism will do nothing but harm Obama’s chances.

  15. Icarus says:

    Doug, Dude, really? really?

    “I, you, Obama, and everyone else has no idea what is going on inside the head of this apparently crazy old man. I will not defend or attack his motives because I do not know, and cannot possible know his motives.”

    If you look at the pattern of behavior from the guy, it’s not too hard to jump to the conclusion that the term “bigot” applies. Signs in front of the bar have included “INS agents eat free” and “No habla espanol – and we never will”.

    It’s not enough to convict him in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion, the man has a long public pattern of behavior that would support a claim of racism.

    To try to pretend otherwise defies logic and common sense.

  16. jsm says:

    “Signs in front of the bar have included ‘INS agents eat free’ and ‘No habla espanol – and we never will'”.

    What is “racist” about those signs? I take these to mean the guy is against illegal immigration. Supporting enforcement of the law is not racist, just because it happens to affect mostly people of one particular heritage. So he’s abrasive about it. That’s his right. He doesn’t want to speak Spanish in his business. This is America, and that’s his right, too. Liberal mentality just can’t handle someone coming across as a meany pants, whether he is right or wrong, can it? Since when should we make policy based on emotion? The guy is not intruding on anyone’s legal rights, and you guys continue to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  17. Icarus says:

    Per the AJC:

    Norman acknowledged the charged history of the “monkey” association, but said, “this is 2008. This is not 1941 in Alabama, so get over it.”

    Let’s go back one thread to why this relates to GA Politics. Farris stated that these T-shirts are “why Republicans have a problem with minority outreach”.

    The bar owner has a right to express his idiot opinions. We exercise those rights ourselves right here on a regular basis.

    When put in a political context, however, the symbolism is not acceptable to anyone who actually wants to win an election.

    I re-assert that the Republicans should issue a statement that we want no part of this, and we continue to denounce the race baiting that Hillary has brought to this campaign season.

  18. Doug Deal says:


    I do not frequent bars, much less bars 110 miles from my house, so I have no idea what he puts in front of it. In that context, maybe he is a racist. Who really cares? Caring is what gives that type of person power. Don’t go to his bar, if it displeases you. I would encourage everyone to stop going to his bar.

    However, as I have stated several times, and you refuse to understand; using this type of incident as a sign of real racism, of patent injustice, of someone getting abused due to his race is ludicrous and idiotic. To raise this as an example of the troubles that blacks have to endure in this country is a mockery to real incidents, and is worse than letting an idiot like this bar owning moron spout off.

    When such a big deal is made of something so trifling, it makes the people raising such issues lose credibility.

    One does not call out the fire department to put out a match. If this is the strategy that Obama or his supporters thinks will serve him in the end, they are in for some tough times.

  19. Icarus says:


    I do frequent bars. Some as much as 5,000 miles from my house. But that’s so not the point.

    This was labled a “Republican” then a “Conservative” issue by Farris, and why groups that use these titles may, just may, have a problem with minority outreach.

    Unfortunately, based on the number of folks that have rushed to this dude’s defense, Farris may actually have a point.

    Dude has a right to make a point. It’s his bar, his sign.

    Republicans could use this as an opportunity to state that they don’t care so much for either his message or his insensitivity.

    I’m in no way suggesting the man be stopped from expressing his “message”, whatever it is. I just don’t want my political party associated with it.

  20. Demonbeck says:

    Regardless of any issues I may have brought up on this particular issue, let me just say that this dude is an idiot and no political party should be held liable for his stupidity.

    Both parties should stand together in denouncing the t-shirt as an obvious ploy by the Green Party.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    The fact is that he is not even a Republican or even a voter. I checked his voting history, and he has only voted in 2 time since 1996. Once was a special election in September of 2004, and the other was the general election of that year.

    Hardly someone the Republicans should have to take credit for.

    In any event, Icarus, it take little courage to attack this 63 year old man anonymously from your desk chair. It takes a whole lot more to point out the absurdity of turning this man into some sort of poster child for racial injustice.

    But if it makes you feel better, please continue.

  22. Icarus says:


    It takes even more courage to plagarize Bill’s Simon’s argument of last resort, the “come out from behind that anonymous screen name” challenge. Bill may charge you for that.



  23. BubbaRich says:

    Noted left-wing activist Rush Limbaugh said that it is a clearly inappropriate comparison. I wonder if this is where he got the idea:


    Note: You need to work on your own reading comprehension when you’re insulting others’. I clearly said that I did not know if he was being racist. I also clearly said that it did not matter, when it was pointed out to him that it was a clearly racist symbol, he should have apologized and put it away. Cheering about it AFTER it’s been pointed out is actually a racist action.

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