H.B. 881

The Governor will sign H.B. 881 today in a bill signing ceremony. This is the charter school legislation.

Thanks, Governor.


  1. Icarus says:


    NCLB sunsets in September. Neither party is pushing for its renewal. Expect any replacement for it to be the work of the new President and Congress.

    (Also, note that NCLB is purely federal, not a function of the State Gvt, Sonny or Kathy K. They merely have to implement it or lose federal funding.)

  2. EAVDad says:


    NCLB doesn’t “sunset.” If it is not reauthorized, it remains “as is” until it is. NCLB is not new legislation: It’s an update of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which is essentially the bill that allows for federal funding and puts requirements on the receipt of that funding.

    It will still be around.

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