Earmark Reform

12th District Republican Candidate for Congress Ray McKinney is the first non-incumbent in Georgia to sign the Citizens Against Government Waste Earmark Reform Pledge

Republicans succeed as a party and win elections when they embrace policies of reform.   People are tired of politics as usual and government waste.  As Conservatives, we deserve smaller and smarter government and reducing and bringing transparency to the earmark process will go a long way in accomplishing that. 

Congressmen Tom Price and Paul Broun have also signed the CAGW Earmark Reform Pledge. 

Hopefully Ray will be the first of many candidates to sign this reform pledge. 

Full Disclosure:  I am Ray’s Campaign Manager


  1. fishtail says:

    Bull Moose…now we know why you shamelessly lauded Regina Thomas when she announced her candidacy against John Barrow….you want a weaker candidate for your man McKinney to run against. Too bad that McKinney has almost the same last name as another former disastrous Congressperson from our area. Word of advice…spend more time raising money for your penniless campaign rather than blogging to the already converted on this site.

  2. DMZDave says:

    Is this the pledge where a candidate publicly acknowledges that when it comes to the federal budget, Washington bureaucrats know more about what is best for their districts than they do?

  3. Bull Moose says:

    It’s actually the pledge that outlines the principles of reform that a Member of Congress will approach when dealing with earmarks. We need more transparency and accountability.

  4. DMZDave says:

    Well you certainly get transparency and accountability when unelected bureaucrats make all the decisions – not. It’s an abdication of responsiblity on the part of the legislative branch. I would rather have a Congressman who looked at the priorities for spending in the district and moved projects up that might have a significant impact on their constituents, on economic development, safety and quality of life. At one time, I played a role in adding an earmark for flak vest research and development for the Marine Corps prior to the war in Iraq. There were a lot of improvements incorporated as a result of that funding. There are Marines alive today that wouldn’t be if my boss had taken the pledge. These gimmicks are simply bull, moose.

  5. Holly says:

    Well said, DMZDave. The earmarks are yet another deterrent from the real problem, much like the gas tax scheme is about our energy issues.

    Cut spending across the board. Find wasteful programs and get rid of them. Adhere to PAYGO as the Blue Dogs are doing (good for them, really!)

    Do NOT hand over extra powers to the executive branch. That’s a bad idea.

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