Nunn for Veep?

I think it’s a longshot, but former Ga. Senator Sam Nunn’s name is being mentioned as a potential VP pick for Obama:

But columnist George Will proposed this as a possibility:

“You can use your nomination to address one of your perceived weaknesses. And the vulnerability of the Obama campaign is that there could be a national security event during this next nine months, eight nine months.

In which case you can pick Sam Nunn — great national security credentials, and he’s from Georgia where the turnout down there in the primary might at least give you the illusion that you might make that state competitive……”

Nunn has been out of politics for a long time now and voter’s memories are short. Nunn would be a valuable asset for Obama in the White House but I just don’t see how he helps Obama win.


  1. M.P.E. says:

    Not a chance. Let’s all try really really hard to stop doing this to ourselves every four years. It ain’t going to happen.

  2. drjay says:

    he’s popped up a couple of places and does appear to have been raisng his profile of late… aside from probably being a little to the right of obama…does it matter that he is a member of augusta nat’l golf club…esp. if a hillary scorned gives obama a problem w/ women…jhn snow resigned from augusta when he was treasury sec. to avoid it coming up during the confirmation of course that was right when the whole martha burk thing was fresh and new–i was in augusta during that time and it was a huge deal there–i have no perspective of whether it was a big deal statewide or nationally or not…

  3. jsm says:

    I can’t imagine that Nunn and Obama would agree on anything, and I couldn’t see them working as a team.

  4. Burdell says:

    Didn’t Nunn oppose the first Gulf War?

    Is that really what the Obama team needs to bring on board?

  5. DMZDave says:

    Sam Nunn would be an inspired choice for VP or SecState or SecDef in an Obama administration and frankly it says a lot for Obama that he is seeking the advice and counsel of someone of Senator Nunn’s stature. Nunn may be out of active politics but he remains a significant presence on a host of important issues such as nuclear nonproliferation policy. Unlike former President Carter, Senator Nunn doesn’t seek the limelight and operates quietly and effectively. He did indeed oppose the Gulf War and had the sense later to admit he was wrong to have done so. No matter what, it is a good thing when politicians in Washington seek out the views of someone like Senator Nunn. He still has much to offer.

  6. StevePerkins says:

    Nunn’s name comes up every four years… because he’s a fairly-conservative white Southerner, and some people just won’t let go of the notion that a Democrat could stand a chance in a southern state in this day and age. Nunn was a powerhouse two decades ago (he was the leader of the opposition to the first Gulf War, and if that had gone badly Nunn would likely have been President instead of Clinton). However, that says nothing about his southern electability today.

    Still, such gossip is still far more respectable than the Sonny-as-VP chatter! 🙂

  7. drjay says:

    well i do not know who “victor at ga improper” is but i fail to see how my question could in any way be construed as an attempt to discredit anyone–much less someone for whom a i have a lot of respect for–but i suppose you were jonesing for an excuse to post a pic of that little contraption–i hope it was good for you…

  8. I love Sam Nunn, really love him….he’s a good golfer, strong on defense and now that I have a GT grad in my family–sorry,I’ve always been a Dawgfan–I like that he went to GT–but he’s not going to be Vice President.

    He should have been President and run in ’92 instead of letting Bubba run–but shoulda. coulda and woulda and 5 bucks will buy you a coffee at Starbucks.

    Sam Nunn is a brilliant man who thinks things through and did great things for Georgia and the country.

  9. albert says:

    It ain’t happening. Sen. Nunn is no fool. Obama has peaked and the ship has a few leaks. By fall the ship will go down. The man is the most unqualifed individual to run for the top spot in my lifetime.

    Who in their right mind would want to be on the same ticket with a loon?

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