Insider Advantage Poll: Jones & Cardwell On Top

In what could be sobering news for the Democrats’ 2006 Lt. Governor nominee, a new Insider Advantage /Majority Opinion poll conducted Sunday night shows former state Rep. Jim Martin in single digits with both former WSB-TV reporter Dale Cardwell and DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones in double digits among likely Democratic primary voters.

Democratic U.S. Senate

If the race were held today, the results would be:

Vernon Jones: 21%
Dale Cardwell: 14%
Josh Lanier: 5%
Jim Martin: 3%
Rand Knight: 1%
Undecided : 56%

Matt Towery, Chairman & CEO of Insider Advantage Georgia, says of the poll results, “[Vernon]Jones has most of the African-American vote which equals nearly 50% of the primary. He must concentrate on the 54% of African-Americans who do not know him to put him near a Democratic nomination.”

2008 is a year where identity politics is running rampant with eighty-five to ninety percent of black voters backing Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. The “Obama effect” may end up benefitting Vernon Jones as he is running in a primary dominated by voters that look like him.

Some Democrats believe that Vernon Jones as the Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate against Republican Saxby Chambliss would be disastrous in November given Jones’ past allegations of sexual misconduct and his calling the state Democratic Party a party of losers.

Vernon Jones and four other Democrats will compete for for their Party’s nomination in the July 15th primary. A run-off primary, if necessary, will be held on August 5th.

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