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Finally, the photos are in. And Jenna Bush’s wedding dress was absolutely smashing. Let’s hope her wise choice of dress style heralds the end of that hideous strapless wedding gown phase that has plagued virtually every bride over the last several years. 


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Oh come on BS. It’s the weekend. Absolutely nothing else happening on this blog this weekend. Lighten up and have some girlie fun for once!

  2. Jessica says:

    you’re right, the dress is beautiful. I’m not a big fan of the strapless gowns, anyway. Makes your shoulders look wide.

  3. Angie Montgomery says:

    She looked beautiful and the dress was, too. It is girlie, but makes one wish for their own wedding day all over again. I definitely would have gone with a different dress. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. It was a lovely wedding and very classy. I guess with you are the President you either have 200 or you gotta have 2000 people at the wedding. I like wedding news.

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