UPDATE: MARTA Girl Arrested

MARTA’s own Soulja Gal has been turned-in to authorities. By her family. From the SandraRose blog:

The 25-year-old woman who was videotaped verbally abusing a senior citizen on a Marta train is in custody in the DeKalb County jail charged with disorderly conduct.

Soulja Girl’s sister and baby daddy called into the Ryan Cameron Showon V-103 today. Soulja Girl’s sister told Ryan that her sister was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder 5 years ago and the incident on the train was the result of her sister not taking her meds.

She said Soulja Girl was turned into police by their mother yesterday and she is being held on $300 bail.

Yes, MARTA Gal was off her meds. Way off. Her behavior in the video was a classic manic depressive meltdown episode. Albeit with a unique, urban-tinged sheen to it. Shame so many wanted to shoot her down like a rabid dog and ask questions later. She needed help. Right then and there.

Lord knows what her condition is now, since it’s over 30 days after that manic display. I just hope she’s getting help. Her family loves her very much and wants her to get well. They make that quite clear in this interview they gave yesterday to V-103’s Ryan Cameron.

NOTE: Since I’m a media expert and not a psychiatrist, the way this story is playing out in today’s media is fascinating. It was on fire on the Internet, blogs and most urban media. Someone said a link to the video was on Drudge, in red, at some point yesterday. Then it mysteriously vanished. Only one local news outlet, WSB-TV, reported the story on its website and the evening broadcasts, but they were way behind the story. By the time WSB was saying MARTA had issued a warrant for Soulja Girl’s arrest, she was in Dekalb County jail. As of 10:06am on Saturday, WSB’s website hadn’t even updated their website with news of the arrest, let along an interview with family.

At last view, I’ve yet to see this critical, viral news situation on CNN or Fox or any nets. Anyone seen it there? As for our hometown rag, well… let’s just say they’ve got decor-related issues to work. Who needs a critical, news-y, breaking issue playing out right under our Atlanta-based noses when there’s a wedding in Crawford, TX no one’s invited to anyway to report on?!

As for bloggers and alt media CL, you can give yourselves a much-deserved pat on the back for recognizing news as it plays out on the Internet, and how to report it. Sometimes it boggles the mind how Big Media absolutely FAILS to tap the mighty power of a lowly DSL connection. Who can surf when tangled up in all that cable and might?


  1. fuzzypeach says:

    “Shame so many wanted to shoot her down like a rabid dog and ask questions later. She needed help. Right then and there.”

    NO Sir!

    Save your empathy for the elderly lady that came so very close to being attacked by this individual.

    I am not the slightest bit concerned about what the actual problem this deranged individual was. At least one innocent life was at stake in this incident. She should have been put on the floor, by any means necessary.

  2. EAVDad says:

    So, let me get this straight: There’s a crazy person on a subway. That’s news? Been to New York much?

    While I will admit the video itself is part-entertaining and part-shocking, this is as much news as a TV reporter macing himself in the eyes just to see what it feels like. In other words, it’s not news. Why?

    1) Nobody was hurt or harmed and there’s no real long-term impact.
    2) This kind of stuff (sadly) plays out in nightclubs, domestic disputes and, yes, public transportation on a regular basis. The difference here? Someone caught it on film.
    3) The video shows a mentally-unstable woman who may or may not have been high having a meltdown. That’s sad and very concerning for her, her family and the old lady she’s screaming at. But it is not news.

    Of course as a media “expert,” you may disagree. But I don’t think it’s newsworthy. Not even a little.

  3. rptrcub says:

    Thanks to the douches in the finance departments of American newspapers, there are, roughly, the equivalent of 5-year-olds making decisions and running around newsrooms; and the remaining adults are too busy whining and pining for the good ‘ol days when they could smoke and drink in the newsroom.

  4. Tinkerhell says:

    Shame so many wanted to shoot her down like a rabid dog and ask questions later.

    As a supporter of HB89 I agree that the situation didn’t get far enough out of hand that the woman should have been shot even if the resources to have done so were at hand. But crazy lady walked right up to the line where it would have been justified regardless of what her problem is/was. Had she started physically attacking grandma, or pulled a knife or gun or a sharpened stick then she would have crossed that line.

    At the point that someone starts violently attacking myself or another person with extremely overwhelming force then I no longer care about the “why” behind the issue, only that the situation be ended immediately to prevent as much damage as possible from being done to the “victim”. If you feel it’s appropriate to ask a person if “society” has failed them, or did they take their meds this morning while they are beating/stabbing/ect you to death well…. have fun I hope you come out of it alright. I’ll shoot.

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