MARTA To SpaceyG: “Have a good weekend.”

I’m trying hard, moreorless, here at the laptop to get to the bottom of this MARTA Media Mess. I got a lady from MARTA on the phone, who asked if I was a “TV station.” (Well, I can be!) When I told her I was a blogger, gave her my real name and my company name, the MARTA employee then said I’d have to call back Monday and talk to Media Relations.

I repeatedly, and politely, asked her if she could make someone available to talk about this little media situation going on, like, right now, and whether someone at MARTA knew if the video on YouTube was real or fake. The unidentified MARTA spokesperson told me, repeatedly, “Have a good weekend.” She then hung up on me.

Maybe you can call and get something out of MARTA on a weekend. The number is: 404-848-4900. Tell ’em you’re Rupert Murdoch.


  1. Groo says:

    If MARTA can pretend to be a mass transit system, surely Peach Pundit can pretend to be a teevee station.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Awwwwww Spacey’s not a real reporter. That’s ok neither are your idols on Georgia Gang

  3. StevePerkins says:

    It takes up to half an hour to simply catch a train on MARTA on the weekend… why do you think they would page someone at home to answer questions from fake reporters? (I mean really, who ISN’T a “blogger”?)

    Just call back on Monday. Or better yet, read the front-page of Peach Pundit to learn that the video was real, MARTA’s already issued a press release about it, the girl’s been arrested, and her family has already been blogging about how it’s the city’s fault for not doing more to give her fre meds (and presumably force her to take them).

  4. StevePerkins says:

    Wait, didn’t YOU post those very threads? Why are you seeking confirmation from MARTA on the video when you already know that they had the girl arrested over it?

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Gawd Steve, do you just get dumb and dumber every morning you wake up? The information put out about the arrest was by a blogger only, with only a first name given. We have no verification from MARTA on anything, other than they issued an arrest warrant. No official agency put out anything other than a notice about an arrest warrant. Have you seen the “mug shot” on the blogger’s website. Tell us, oh Royal Douche Bag, WHERE exactly that mug shot came from? No, you can’t. You are always 100% wrong on just about everything. Now go away.

  6. StevePerkins says:

    Tell us, oh Royal Douche Bag, WHERE exactly that mug shot came from?

    Probably Fulton County. Don’t get your boyshorts in a bunch with me just because you spent your entire weekend on DeKalb’s website researching the wrong county.

  7. SpaceyG says:

    She’s in DeKalb, Steve. But I just had CL do all the heavy lifting. Wouldn’t want to break a nail here on the plantation veranda, ya know.

  8. Rogue109 says:

    Tell us, oh Royal Douche Bag, WHERE exactly that mug shot came from?

    Ah, the “SpaceyG Charm Offensive” rolls on. Or maybe it’s just SpaceyG being offensive. I’m just glad that with these many threads we’ve learned she is (1) a female and (2) a “media expert.”

  9. rptrcub says:

    Spacey, a tip from an ex-reporter: record the woman if you can next time. Georgia’s a one-party state and you don’t need the other person’s permission. (Some of you might find this scary, but has saved many people’s asses in and out of journalism. Two party states are generally, like, California.)

    Then put the audio up here. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….

  10. rptrcub says:

    @Tea Party: Read

    “One-party state” means that in that state, only one party in a telephone conversation has to be aware of the conversation in order for the recording to be legal. So technically, if you’re the one doing the recording, and you are aware of the fact that you’re recording, it’s legal.

    This is beyond the ethical question of doing this. I would normally ask before taping a member of the general public, but for public, shifty officials, I would have no qualms about recording them in order to cover my you-know-what.

    If anyone has a problem with this law, I suggest they contact their state legislator.

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