Yeah, this bill is B.S.

The online driving school bill is a bad idea.

Scooby Doo can get behind the wheel again in Florida.

Not in real life, of course. The talking dog doesn’t exist. But opponents of a bill to let Georgia’s habitual traffic violators take court-ordered driving classes online signed the cartoon canine up for an Internet course in Florida, which has a similar law.

Ruh-roh. Not only did he pass, Doo got a certificate.

The stunt was pulled by Driving Educators of Georgia, a statewide association of driving schools trying to persuade Gov. Sonny Perdue to veto the legislation known as House Bill 1027. The group argues such a system would make it easier for reckless drivers to get their licenses back. It also would be prone to fraud, the group says.

Perdue should veto it.


  1. RoswellJim says:

    I’ll bet these are the same people that have made sure that the 5-percent uplift on traffic tickets designed to fund the Joshua’s Law driver’s education program has never been spent for anything other than meetings by the Georgia Driver’s Education Commission. The money collected could have paid for driver’s education programs in every high school in the state, but is instead collected and then (by law) returned to the general fund at the end of the year when it is not spent.

    What a waste.

    There are many things that are not taught in high school that should be and many things taught that shouldn’t be. I’ll bet over 90-percent of high school students end up driving a car. I had an on-the-road driver’s education course in my high school in Virginia in the early 70’s. It may have been largely bogus, but there are still aspects of that program that I recall every time I get on the road.

    I only wish my daughters – who are 15 and have their learner’s permits – had access to a formal state-funded course.

  2. stephaniemills21 says:

    He should veto it. I took a test for my grandmother in Indiana so she could keep her license. I know I know, very bad of me, but when grams comes asking, ya just gotta do it.

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