Holy cow. Another reason we need the gun law: so we can shoot crazy people on MARTA

This is NSFW (google the initials if you don’t know what it means).

A big tip of the hat to our friends at Creative Loafing who, unlike me, have enough class to not actually put up the video.

Let’s hope the person at La Quinta Inn was right.

BTW, the crazy girl would be more likely to carry a gun than the grandmother she went schizophrenic on — so Thomas is probably right about keeping guns off MARTA. But then, well, judge for yourself.

BTW2: Yeah, I know and appreciate that the crazy one probably would have gun regardless of the law. That’s why I didn’t change the title of this post.


  1. Jessica says:

    Urban dictionary is your friend, Erick. Let’s just say it’s more than a little degrading.

  2. Erick says:

    Sadly Jessica, I was just looking it up there. Of course there are two definitions. I wonder which one she means.

  3. Rogue109 says:

    I like how she says she is going to press charges 423 times when she could have been facing charges herself (terroristic threats, use of fighting words, disorderly conduct and simple assault).

    BTW, the crazy girl would be more likely to carry a gun than the grandmother she went schizophrenic on — so Thomas is probably right about keeping guns off MARTA. But then, well, judge for yourself.

    Erick, you keep assuming that because there is a ban on guns that that crazy woman would NOT bring a weapon with her. That’s the whole point. Law-abiding individuals aren’t bring weapons because they follow the law…the criminals don’t operate under the same moral code. That’s why they are criminals and why the law-abiding people need to be able to defend themselves.

  4. Chris says:

    And what happens if only the crazy person has a gun?

    You get the LIRR in 1994, and 30 6 bodies on the platform.

  5. Jessica says:

    I only ask, Erick, because she transposed the lyrics of the song from ‘soulja boy’ to ‘soulja girl,’ presumably to apply to herself. No matter the definition of ‘superman that ho’ you subscribe to, I find it unlikely she is capable of performing the act.

    I also wonder if she realizes the kind of degradation she’s perpetuating.

  6. Icarus says:

    (LIRR = Long Island Rail Road, for those of you who continue to deny us a brain train)

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:

    This video just illustrates why traffic is so bad in Atlanta…b/c every normal, sane person drives into work rather than deal with stuff like that on MARTA. Give me 30 days of riding MARTA to and from work and a videocamera and I could probably create an entire website full of videos of crazy, drug addicts on MARTA.

  8. Progressive Dem says:

    God bless the older woman for her poise and grace. It is a shame other passengers didn’t come to her aid faster. Each MARTA car has an intercom to call security.

    This woman is clearly deranged or high. If another passenger with a gun confronted her, she may have ended up wounded or dead. And what would be the point? People that act crazy may get shot? I don’t think having a gun on board would have been helpful.

  9. StevePerkins says:

    In all seriousness, I can’t wait for my “Brain Train” sales tax to finance yet another transit system that no one in their right mind would ride on a regular basis.

  10. Progressive Dem says:

    Every other industrialized country has extensive transit and train systems in their major metropolitan areas. Transit works for most cities in the world and it can work here too. Combine the high cost of gas with the worst commute in America (according to Forbes) and you an see why ridership on GRTA buses from Gwinnett and on the CCT are up.

    Technically the brain train is a commuter rail, which works quite well in the northeast. You could live in Mayberry and ride the train to the city for your office job. Instead of getting stupid and angry from listening to Sean Hannity and the other knuckledragging talk radio buffoons, you could actually read something while you commute.

  11. Rogue109 says:

    Seems like this (psychotic?) person is high as a kite on something. Gun issues seem to be secondary here.

    Not if the person is coming at you, ma’am. Then gun issues are primary.

  12. SpaceyG says:

    May I suggest a tranquilizer dart gun in this case?

    Too bad the ATL is stone cold broke. If anyone ever needed a PR crisis management team, the best money can buy, it would be Shirley about right now. This thing’s going viral fast.

  13. dewberry says:

    I’ve lived in Japan and know how to get around and it is fabulous.

    As Tokyo is mostly a pedestrian locale there are stores everywhere for whatever you might need. From my apartment I could walk only a block and not more than 2 for any food, supplies, dining or entertainment. No need for a car at all. The train station was 2 blocks away and from there you could get to any place in the country.

    Go from Tokyo past Kyoto to Hiroshima on a Shinkansen in about 4 hours is an awesome ride. The view of the pacific ocean is nothing to forget. Oh yeah, do it in spring for a great view of the sakura all along the way.

    Yes, we have serious problems with transportation. We’ve been stuck on stupid for a long time. The Nancy Hanks used to go from Atlanta to Savannah right? To ride a train from Savannah to Atlanta today you have to goto Charlotte North Carolina I think.

    Now we are stuck in cars and stuck with the costs of the fuel and congestion to say nothing about parking and this and that.

    Just peachy !!!!

  14. Malum Prohibitum says:

    No gun is needed in this situation (except for the tranquilizer dart, SpaceyG!), but, Erick, MARTA has an extremely high violent crime rate, in spite of the fact that they do not track their crimes very well. In one quarter alone, almost 3% of MARTA customers were victims of crime. http://www.itsmarta.com/police/crime_stats/quarterly.htm
    Brian Nichols used MARTA to get away from the Fulton County courthouse.
    Some of you remember the vivid 1999 security video of the businessman being chased off MARTA and murdered back in 1999. Some of you don’t. The MARTA gun ban did not stop the murderer.

    Judge Craig Schwall, Fulton Superior Court, in February of 2007, sanctioned MARTA for its failure to respond to discovery in a case where it was discovered that the kidnapping and rape of a grandmother from MARTA turned out not to be part of the MARTA statistics. Not worth reporting, should we presume? Even with such sloppy record keeping or intentional depressing of the crime rates, MARTA had, according to its own reporting, 297 robberies and 248 aggravated assaults in the last five years.

    But, hey, Erick, I am the one you need to worry about, right? It is all of those crazy GeorgiaCarry.org members that give you mightmares?

    Remember, the ban does not stop criminals. Did you see the armed robbery of a bank in south DeKalb on the news a couple weeks ago? The caught the robbers on a MARTA bus. Did you see the news on the shooting of the wine merchant outside Ansley Mall as he was carrying his proceeds across the street to the Wachovia bank? Guess where the robber was standing? At a MARTA bus stop. With a gun. He shot the businessman, who was trying to give him the money, in broad daylight.

    Did you know there is a 20 year penalty for having a firearm within a “reasonable distance” of a bus stop?

    It is not working very well. It only disarms people like me, Erick.

  15. SpaceyG says:

    I take my kid on MARTA with me at least once a week. Let’s just say for now that I will no longer be using that mode of transportation.

    Can anyone think of ways we could reach out to the elderly lady in the video, who was likely deeply traumatized by this action, and see what we, as a CARING Georgia community, can do to help HER right now?

  16. StevePerkins says:

    I’ve lived in Japan and know how to get around and it is fabulous.

    Everyone loves to point toward Japan and Europe when discussing transit (or cell phone coverage, Wi-Fi access, and a million other issues that are geography-driven). Hey guys, these things aren’t they way they are because other countries are more “enlightened” than us, or more technologically innovative, or more wealthy, etc. They’re driven by the fact that these countries are a fraction of our country’s size.

    Japan’s main island… the ENTIRE country, urban areas and rural areas together… is about the size of Minnesota. Japan can built a rail line running from its eastern shore all the way to its western shore, and it would be SHORTER than the proposed Brain Train line. Meanwhile, America’s rail system (Amtrak) performs on par with Europe only in our Northeast… which happens to be the only area of the U.S. with dimensions and density comparable to Europe.

    I don’t mean to knock Japan, or Europe, or anywhere else. I’m just saying that these aren’t proper role models for the U.S., because their geographic size and population density make certain things practical that are NOT as practical in a large and sparsely population nation. It’s not a matter of intelligence or left-wing politics. If it were, then where are the great national rail systems in Canada, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and all the other left-leaning industrialized nations with large land area?

  17. Tinkerhell says:

    BTW, the crazy girl would be more likely to carry a gun than the grandmother she went schizophrenic on — so Thomas is probably right about keeping guns off MARTA. But then, well, judge for yourself..

    Even if the crazy girl was more likely to carry a gun on MARTA she wouldn’t be doing it because HB89 was signed. For some reason I have the sneaking suspicion that “crazy girl” doesn’t hold a Georgia Firearms License. But when HB89 is signed then at least it might occur that a legal gun owner will have their handgun available should “crazy girl” decide to pull a gun or a knife on grandma next time…

  18. dewberry says:

    Your point is well taken. I’m just saying that improving what we have would be a great idea. They have thugs on the Marta trains and in Chatham County the award no bid contracts to an alleged incompetent cousin, former county commissioner, friend, alleged lover, and former chairman of a political party and call it progress.

    We just completed an expensive study of our local transit system and provided 2005 as the most recent budget which was $12,578,276.00. In the last 5 years they bothered to report, we burned through more than $55 million on a system that only mostly serves Savannah Georgia.

    If blowing through $55 million in this amount of time is not a sufficient enough example of what is ridiculous then I hope awarding a no bid contract to a former commissioner and alleged cousin to one of the present commissioners will suffice.

    By the way, I believe running a train using nuclear powered electricity is more efficient than taking a plane from Savannah to Atlanta. I think we might both enjoy more visitors and commerce with a rail service connecting the two and points in between.

  19. MSBassSinger says:

    Anyone really think this nut would hesitate to carry a gun onboard if she wanted to, just because it was illegal?

    Progressive Dem writes:
    “Every other industrialized country has extensive transit and train systems in their major metropolitan areas.”
    Every other industrialized country is smaller, socialist, and taxes their people far more than us. Like StevePerkins said, it has a lot to do with geography. I woudl add it has a lot to do with freedom, too. We have it (so far), and they don’t (to the degree we do).

    However, you can point to NYC, Boston, and DC for US examples of public transit, especially trains, that are more available than here in Atlanta. That has to do with the fact the subway tunnels were dug back when labor was cheaper and less burdened by government over-regulation and union thugs driving up costs.

    The Democrat-run MARTA administration simply is not going to rise above the corruption and mismanagement they have established to run, much less expand, train lines into Atlanta that significant numbers of normal people would ride. The type of commuter rail lines and management of them that got Rob Petrie from New Rochelle to NYC to work simply isn’t going to happen in Atlanta. Atlanta leadership simply isn’t capable of it.

    Heck, Atlanta police aren’t capable of intelligently directing people from Turner Field to the Interstates after a Braves game.

  20. Progressive Dem says:

    SP. First, Amtrack service is not comparable to rail sytems in Europe and Japan where trains are faster, more comfortable and more frequent. Second, Russia and Austraila have highly developed passenger rail systems. Brazil has 24,000 miles of rail, mostly on the coast. China has a very large rail system, too. Canada Railway has several hundred passenger rail stations! Third, the geographic size of any other country has nothing to do with the lack of metroploitan transit systems in the US. We are behind the rest of the developed world in terms of metropolitan transportation systems. We are highly dependent upon cars and we finding out how expensive that is in terms of fuel, air quality, insurance, infrastructure, financing, capital costs, accidents and time. Instead of throwing $500 billion down that rat hole in Iraq, we should have been building a world class transportation system in the US.

  21. jillchambers says:

    MARTOC has repeatedly asked the MARTA Board to put more focus on public safety and to provide their police with the resources they need to keep the system safe.

    MARTA Police Chief Dunham sent the following press release:

    Statement to Media

    “MARTA police were notified about this video last Friday and launched an immediate and aggressive investigation into the incident. After canvassing the East Lake Station where the suspect reportedly exited the train, we received an anonymous tip that this incident possibly occurred on March 31, 2008 between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The tipster also indicated the suspect has been known to ride Bus Route 22. MARTA police were able to positively identify the individual allegedly involved in this incident and have secured a warrant for her arrest.”

    “We want to assure the public that this is an extremely isolated incident and that customer safety and security are our highest priorities,” stated MARTA Chief of Police Wanda Dunham. “We regret that any customer had to endure such harassment while using our system. I also wish the many citizens who witnessed this incident would have contacted the MARTA police so that we could have responded to this situation immediately. We are asking that anyone who witnessed this incident please come forward to provide additional first hand information, which may lead to additional charges against the suspect. If you have any information about this incident, please contact MARTA Police Detectives at (404) 848-4911.”

    “MARTA police officers regularly patrol the trains and are available at rail stations to provide assistance. Emergency call buttons are also located in all rail cars, which go directly to the rail operator in case customers need to request immediate assistance. Customers can also reach MARTA Police communications directly by dialing (404) 848-4911 or by pressing #MPD on any AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint/Nextel cellular phone. Blackberry users press #673.”

    Wanda Y. Dunham

    Chief of Police

    MARTA Police Department

  22. Rogue109 says:

    Second, Russia and Australia have highly developed passenger rail systems.

    Having spent a goodly portion of time in Russia over the last 15 years, I can say with 100% certainty that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  23. TM2000 says:

    I find it interesting how some people refuse to ride MARTA because they read of the occasional violent crime yet the fact that there are fatal crashes on our roads every day doesn’t seem to change their perception of driving. It’s a fact, you are far more likely to die in a car accident than die of a crime on MARTA.
    As for those who call transit a waste, they should read about the benefits that it produces in the Texas Transportation Institute’s urban mobility report of 2007.
    More and more Americans are getting on board. It’s not a liberal or a conservative issue here folks.

  24. Progressive Dem says:


    The DC subway system was started in the 1970’s. They broke ground about 5 years before MARTA. And Dude, tunnels aren’t dug by thousands of laboring Chinamen anymore, (I’m pretty sure that Chinaman isn’t the preferred nominclature, but somehow it seems to fit for you MsBass)

    And you can’t find your way to Turner Field??? OMG. I think I would have kept that one. Next time take the bus; they never get lost.

  25. MSBassSinger says:

    ProgressiveDem wrote, “We are behind the rest of the developed world in terms of metropolitan transportation systems.” We are also behind the rest of the developed world in restricting personal freedom, in taxing success, and in laying about when freedom is challenged by 7th century throwback barbarians.

    I look at it differently – the rest of the developed world is behind us in terms of efficient personal transportation. Remember how libs were having orgasms about the silly little scooter (Segway), and how it was going to revolutionize transportation and urban planning?

    Remember, this whole problem with fuel costs right now is due to so-called progressive Democrat environmentalist wackos using the court system since 1974 to stop the building of refineries and stop sensible drilling for oil domestically.

    Atlanta would have roads better setup for its transportation needs if it weren’t for the so-called progressive Democrats who have a wet dream for everyone (but the liberal elite, of course) riding bicycles, buses, trains, and perhaps reading from their little red books from Mao.

    Yep, that is what we need – to go backwards (that is “progressive” in Democrat NewSpeak) and live like the nearly-3rd world countries they admire (and the US subsidizes and protects).

  26. TM2000 says:

    MS. What do you have against public transportation? Nobody is advocating restricting more personal freedoms here, and as for taxes, I advocate legalizing marijuana and taxing it to pay for projects like these.
    More and more Americans are riding public transportation and it’s not a liberal or a conservative issue. It is very much a bi-partisan issue.

  27. Progressive Dem says:

    MsBs may have just set a record for empty cliche’s and non sequiturs in one post.

  28. rptrcub says:

    What is clear to me, as a self-admitted Democrat, is a Giuliani-style crackdown on such behavior. Atlanta won’t do this, though, and the whining if it happens will cause most of the ATL’s eardrums to explode.

  29. MsBass,

    I think it’s more about moving people efficiently to locations they need to access than it is a nefarious far-left conspiracy. And have you seen what transit can do for development around its stations? Not very third world.

    One person in a 2,000-pound steel machine that guzzles a nonrenewable resource, pollutes the air, and fills up lanes on land-gobbling road projects that are never quite wide enough — and whose total maintenance costs are almost more than those of new projects. Now that strikes me as inefficient.

    I think you should have the option to travel that way if you’d like, but what about the people who don’t? What other options do those people have?

  30. TM2000 says:

    Well I hate to say it but I am quite confident that if Rudy’s 0-tolerance policy were put into effect here, we would have a number of people crying racism. And I do take Bill Cosby’s stance on this issue, a certain segment of the African American community needs to get cracking down on these single mother households, for the sake of the children if for nobody else.

  31. MSBassSinger says:

    TM2000, I have no problem with public transportation. I have a problem when the term “public” means government spending tax money and restricting free market competition.

    Get government out of the way, and allow the private sector to provide solutions, and then you’ll have answers that work.

  32. MSBassSinger says:

    “empty cliche’s and non sequiturs ” is liberal NewSpeak for “common sense and other things that I as a liberal don’t understand”.

    Please name one cliche that is not a cliche because it is true, and one non sequitor where the conclusion does not logically follow from the supposition.

    I’ll check back after I go to the gym.

  33. TM2000 says:

    Well that would be nice MS but unfortunately if it were privatized it would be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately people are not always going to voluntarily go out of their way to do something good for the general welfare, you have to provide an incentive to get a large number of people to do so. The incentive in this case is subsidizing those who make an effort to conserve. That’s the price we pay for the benefits it delivers. To get an idea of the benefits, read the TTI’s Urban Mobility Report of 2007.

  34. StevePerkins says:

    What is clear to me, as a self-admitted Democrat, is a Giuliani-style crackdown on such behavior. Atlanta won’t do this, though, and the whining if it happens will cause most of the ATL’s eardrums to explode.

    Well, that… and they’re too busy worrying about whether people’s pants are too baggy instead.

  35. Icarus says:

    “and they’re too busy worrying about whether people’s pants are too baggy instead.”

    Well Steve, it is a very visible crack problem.

  36. Progressive Dem says:


    Do us all a favor and stay off the steroids. Who do you think paid for that road that “carried you” to the gym? The Acme Free Market Road Building Company? Did the tax fairly come along and say, “poof this road is free!” We all paid for it when we bought gasoline. Guess where most of the gas tax money comes from in Georgia? Metro Atlanta. Do you think that money stays in Metro Atlanta to be used on our roads and bridges? Hell, no. DOT is busy building you a better fourlane to Go Fish. So next time your driving to your favorite government stocked, fishing hole, and using the government paid for boat ramp; why don’t you ponder over who is subsidising your beer drinking fishing experience.

  37. MSBassSinger says:

    TM2000, thanks for the good explanation. Where I disagree is that is not how America is supposed to work. If there is no incentive for the private sector, then it isn’t needed.

    For example, Lincoln first broke the mold by getting the federal government to subsidize the building of a transcontinental railroad. After the war of Northern Agression, Great Northern Railroad accomplished the same thing (building a transcontinental railroad) with no government assistance, financial or otherwise. They did it in less time, for less money, and over harsher terrain. Unfortunatley, Lincoln had already let the “big government” cat out of the bag.

    I do see a role for government in facilitating the building and operation of roads, bridges, airports, etc. When you look at the early years of this country, government took care of such things (well, except airports, of course). But local commuter rail lines just don’t fall into that category.

    And, of course, look at how wonderful a job the government has done by creating Amtrack. 🙂

    IMHO, the only role government should have in facilitating public transportation is to get out of the way of the private sector so they can meet the demand, if and when it exists.

  38. MSBassSinger says:

    RegressiveDem wrote “Guess where most of the gas tax money comes from in Georgia? Metro Atlanta.”

    You should learn about this state. First of all, most Georgians do not live in metro Atlanta, and unfortuantely they pay taxes for things they do not benefit from. As one who has lived in and out of metro Atlanta, I can tell you, Atlanta is, overall, a drain on the state. Over 1/2 of the state’s GDP is created outside of metro Atlanta.

    Second, the fuel taxes paid by farmers, manufacturers, and truckers, most of whom do not reside in metro Atlanta, pay far more in fuel taxes than you imagine.

    Third, I never said roads were not a proper place for government. From the earliest days of the US, government built roads. Obviously, that wasn’t considered unConstitutional. The Interstate Highway system was built for the Dept. of Defense as much as it was the use of the general public.

    I am against the government building and subsidizing unwanted mass transit for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many so liberals can feel good about it.

  39. Loren says:


    You should learn about this state. First of all, most Georgians do not live in metro Atlanta,

    The Census Bureau disagrees with you. In 2007, the population of the 28-county metro Atlanta area was estimated at just under 5.3 million. Also in 2007, the population of the whole state of Georgia was estimated at 9.5 million.

    So roughly 55% of Georgians live in the metro Atlanta area. In other words: most.

  40. dewberry says:

    Yes, we could use a tycoon the likes of Henry Flagler.


    Talk about a tycoon?

    Big oil and big railroads

    I still wish I had a way to get to Atlanta by rail. I am convinced that lots of folks would go back and forth and make good use of the service.

    The car service on the Shinkansen is great. Food, drinks and this and that. You can bring all of your own party supplies as well.

    I took a train from Tokyo to, well, I don’t know the name of the place I was going but everyone on the train was going to the same place, a spring flower festival. Many on the train had adult beverages and snacks and food and were having a real party.

    Here are some photos to where we were going.

    The rail service in Japan does a lot for commerce all over the country. They advertise ski, spa, sight seeing destinations at almost all of the stations. Indeed, I (with the help of my girlfriend) book ski trips, spa trips, other pleasure trips as well as business trips with accommodations at the stations.

  41. Dave Bearse says:

    As a regular rider of MARTA for a number of years, I found it necessary to use the intercom to contract the train operator on one occasion involving much less egregious intimidation of another passenger. MARTA police were waiting when the train stopped at the next station and removed the miscreant. The most dismaying aspect of the vidoe is that it appeared nobody did anything earlier/soon after it started.

  42. Tea Party says:

    Y’all went around the block on this one, Dave Bearse brought it back home.

    MARTA works for me on airport runs or any stop on the line in between. I will continue to use MARTA and if I saw a ‘crazy girl’ scenario here’s what I would do:

    Note the ID # of the train car and quietly get out of the car with the commotion, moving toward the FRONT of the train. Once in the car with the OPERATOR, use the intercom to report the incident, giving the car ID #, if possible.

    Yeah, I know you are not supposed to move from car to car, but that is what I would do.

    The MARTA police are pretty stout, they will respond.

    I have noticed an increase in panhandling onboard MARTA, that needs to be STOPPED.

    Gate crashers declined since the new faregates are installed, but I still see folks ‘piggy-backing’ in behind farepayers.

    A successful, safe MARTA is ABSOLUTELY
    CRITICAL to the region. This video reinforces a largely incorrect notion that MARTA is unsafe.

    We can see that ‘crazy girl’ is under warrant, this type of behaviour is both unusual and quickly resolved.

  43. dorian says:

    I am extremely disappointed in everyone. NO ONE has pointed out the REAL crime here. Anyone? Anyone? The miscreant in the video did a PUBLIC performance of a COPYRIGHTED work: “Superman Dat Hoe” by Soulja Boy. You people feel sorry for the old lady? What about the RIAA? What about Soulja? Did anyone stop to think about Soulja? You think those gold chains pay for themselves? Shame on all of you.

  44. Bill Simon says:

    Spacey Sez: Too bad the ATL is stone cold broke. If anyone ever needed a PR crisis management team, the best money can buy, it would be Shirley about right now. This thing’s going viral fast.

    What? C’mon! Let’s bring back Dallas Austin and his jiving “Come to Atlanta” tunes. We’ve got all the money in the world to shove to any PR effort anyone wants!

    C’mon, Spacey! Support your fellow liberal Democrat female leader!

  45. mocamarc says:

    I ride MARTA every day from North Springs to Five Points. Done so for over three years without ever fearing for my safety.

    From time to time, there are people who you’d wish were not on board. MARTA should have one cop on every train all the time but they don’t.

    Otherwise, the biggest hassles are the poor condition of the trains, the inevitable delays resulting from the shoddy trains and rotten management in general.

    And MSBassSinger is a fool.

  46. Demonbeck says:

    How does DC Metro stay so much cleaner and better than MARTA?

    Figure that out and do the same thing.

  47. drjay says:

    when i was in athens in the early to mid 90’s it seemed like that stat was always 1/2 the state population was w/in an hour of atl…but i may not be remembering correctly???

  48. Decaturguy says:

    As one who has lived in and out of metro Atlanta, I can tell you, Atlanta is, overall, a drain on the state.

    You’ve got to be kidding, right? Without Atlanta, Georgia would be Alabama or, worse, Mississippi. With comments like that, I can’t even take anything else you have to say seriously.

    And, by the way, on the video, where in the hell are they going that the train never seems to make a stop?

  49. Tea Party says:

    I wonder if that video was staged?

    It is taped, almost professional quality, perfect angle, and ‘crazy girl’ did not put her freak on the videographer.

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