Gwinnett Chairman’s race heats up.

There were two candidate forums this week featuring the candidates for Gwinnett Commission Chairman. Here are reports on the two events.

Monday’s Greater Gwinnett Republican Women’s forum:

Bannister noted during the meeting that the county’s revenue is running about 15 percent down from last year, and that the county government has begun studying its departments to find ways to cut costs.

“It’s not a joyous time,” he said. “There is no answer.”

But Bannister said he would be more inclined to find ways to cut taxes than raise them, saying that county government needed a Reagan-esque answer to the shortfall. Bannister said he has a plan to reduce property taxes, but asked to reveal the plan’s details later.

Green took issue with Bannister’s approach, noting that the county’s reserve account had fallen from $133 million in 2005 at the start of his term to about $75 million now – the minimum amount necessary to maintain a triple-A favorable bond rating.

County staff told the commission that it needs to raise taxes or cut services, she said. Cutting taxes isn’t an option, because county government can’t run a deficit, Green said.

Wednesday’s Gwinnett Village CID forum:

The only negative comments – when Green accused incumbent Chairman Charles Bannister of missing the majority of Transit Planning Board meetings – came in a moment where many complained they couldn’t understand the speakers.

Green said she wants to see more police officers on the street and even more focus on illegal immigration, a topic on which she has sparred with Bannister for months.

“The reason illegals flock to Gwinnett is because of jobs. We need to cut off that life line,” she said, adding that she wanted help from the Legislature to impose a rental ordinance to also attack housing issues.

Bannister, who said hiring illegals should be a reason to take away business licenses, had ideas to improve the zoning process by forcing people to register as lobbyists to relieve political pressure and to consider changes to the county’s land use map before taking up a potential rezoning.

Glenn Pirkle, an electrical contractor from Buford running for chairman, distinguished himself as the only candidate opposed to the use of tax allocation districts to fund redevelopment. The issue will also be on July ballots.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    I never even heard serious discussion from Gwinnett leaders about the illegal immigration problem until Green challenged Bannister… and NOW Bannister is suddenly full of ideas (such as pointing fingers and unfunded mandates at the sheriff’s department). The only upside I see to Bannister is that he’s likely to do nothing on zoning, which is a good thing… the candidates’ discussion on “redevelopment” makes my hair stand on end (i.e. yet more strip malls in outer Gwinnett, with my area re-zoned for DeKalb-style high density housing).

  2. BobG says:

    Yep, and he stole the idea to require employers to participate in E-Verify to receive or renew a business license. I have been researching and discussing that approach with Green for six months; Bannister started talking about it only after I published this commentary on the subject:

    What I don’t understand is Buzz’s contention that Bannister “said hiring illegals should be a reason to take away business licenses….” I understood that Bannister had reportedly asked the legal staff about the approach and they had told him that it couldn’t be done.

    They are wrong– again. And I hope that I am wrong about Bannister’s defeatist position on the topic.

  3. JSBarrington says:

    Well Steve, Lorraine Green opposed 287(g) for an entire year while Charles Bannister was advocating for its implementation. In fact, as recently as February, Lorraine said it was “unnecessary.”

    She did propose a purchasing ordinance to prevent illegals working on county contracts. BUT it was illegal and she was told it was. So, after thousands of dollars in court costs, we have an ordinance now.

    But, more importantly than that, Lorraine Green says she is against tax cuts! Man, talk about BAD for Gwinnett homeowners.

  4. What I don’t understand is Buzz’s contention that Bannister “said hiring illegals should be a reason to take away business licenses….”


    It’s not my contention, it’s a quote directly from Camie Young’s article. Follow the link in my post.


  5. BobG says:

    JSBarrington, you have your facts a bit twisted.

    Green has never opposed 287(g). In fact, it was she and a majority of the Commission who recently pushed for total “up front” funding of the program while Bannister didn’t want to give the Sheriff the manpower he needed.

    (Incidentally, I personally believe that 287(g) would be unnecessary if the county would adopt an “E-Verify for business license” ordinance. You don’t have to spend money to process illegal arrestees if they aren’t here to be arrested.)

    Yes, there was a problem with the “E-Verify for public contracts” ordinance and, yes, she was told that there would be a problem. But Bannister voted for the ordinance in its first form, as did everyone. Also, a legal challenge was coming anyway.

    Finally, Lorraine Green has NEVER said that she was against tax cuts! If the source of your claim are the reports of the two debates this week, you should know that Green just echoed what the staff has been telling the Commission for several years– revenues are down; costs are up; reserves are being depleted; and it would be unwise to reduce the millage rate any further. The staff has advised a millage increase and/or cuts in spending.

    But that is nothing new– in 2005, I warned the Commission that their practice of UNDER-collecting taxes would lead to dire straits, financially speaking (

    Debate on these issues is fine, JS, but let’s be intellectually honest.

  6. BobG says:

    That’s interesting, Buzz, because Bannister said exactly the opposite at the GGRW debate. There, he claimed that staff had told him that “E-Verify for business license” couldn’t be done. Apparently, he got a RE-education between Monday and Wednesday!

  7. JSBarrington says:


    1st question: Where was Lorraine Green for the year that Bannister was advocating for 287(g)?

    2nd question: Why did she say a couple of times and, most recently, in February that the program was unnecessary. (but it is necessary now)

    Lorraine has a record of proposed illegal/unenforceable ordinances that get us sued. So, it’s no big deal because I didn’t expect anything more.

    If Lorraine has been talking to you for 6 months about this issue then why hasn’t she done anything?

    She said tax cuts were off the table. I don’t care if the county said or she said or if elmo said it, she’s still an opponent of tax cuts.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    I wasn’t “endorsing” Green earlier, JSBarrington. I was just pointing out that up until she started putting pressure on Bannister by running, I hadn’t been hearing much about illegal immigration from Gwinnett’s leadership. I’m sorry, but Bannister pointing the finger at the sheriff’s office for a year without funding the mandate doesn’t count in my book… that’s just empty posturing.

    Speaking of empty posturing, I am NOW starting to tilt toward Green after reading your posts. I’m sick of the past few years in Georgia politics, when “tax relief” and “tax reform” have become cult-like rallying cries without a trace of fiscal responsibility accompanying it on the spending side.

    The county’s reserves are tanking dramatically, to the point where we can barely balance a budget going forward. Property values, and with them the tax base, are steadily sinking. We’re one step away from losing our credit rating on our bonds. Gwinnett County is NOT the Federal government… the traditional Republican strategy of just printing more money to cover our deficit isn’t an option on the local government level. Promises from Bannister, or anyone else for that matter, about “tax relief” without accompaniment by DRACONIAN spending cuts is just empty hot air. At this point, I’d rather have a leader who says something halfway-honest than one who says what everybody wants to hear.

  9. BobG says:

    JS, your logic astounds me.

    Bannister has not been “advocating for 287(g)” for a year. As recently as late November 2007, Bannister was rudely challenging citizens who spoke in favor of it (

    He first publicly favored it this year as an election-year response to the final iteration of Green’s “E-Verify for public contracts” ordinance. But even then, he opposed the Sheriff’s staffing request at budget time; he opposed the Sheriff’s request for 287(g) staffing and he opposed fully funding the program.

    Produce Green’s February statement that 287(g) was “unnecessary.”

    Also, produce Green’s “record of proposed illegal/unenforceable ordinances that get us sued….”

    Commissioner Green and I have been discussing immigration enforcement issues for a year-and-a-half. Her first step in that regard was the ordinance that accelerated local enforcement of S.B. 529. As you know, the latter half of last year was spent working out the kinks.

    Meanwhile, Bannister did nothing; and certainly did not take a single step toward 287(g).

    This year, Green led the effort to override Bannister’s opposition to full funding for the Sheriff’s Department. And while Bannister was arguing as recently as last month that 287(g) couldn’t be done quickly, Green was building the coalition on the board to overcome Bannister’s stubbornness. If 287(g) is the thing to do, it is happening this year because of Green and the others on the Commission, not Bannister.

    Finally, saying that a 2008 tax cut “isn’t an option” is not the same as “opposing” tax cuts.

    Again, JS, it is fine to argue for your candidate, but a little intellectual honesty would be appreciated.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    Thank you. Thank you for opening your mouth on this blog. I will take that as an invitation for me to join in the “fun” in the Gwinnett County Chairman’s race.

  11. JSBarrington says:

    Due to a lack of time, I have one question.

    Where is this deficit you keep talking about? Gwinnett doesn’t have a deficit.

  12. JSBarrington says:

    Did you see the picture of Lorraine in the GDP this morning? It shows her candidacy perfectly!!

  13. StevePerkins says:

    Where is this deficit you keep talking about? Gwinnett doesn’t have a deficit.

    I don’t have a copy of the county budget in front of me unfortunately… but if the county is not running a deficit, then why has the balance in our reserve account (used to secure our credit rating for bonds) dropped by over over 40% in the past 2-3 years? If we’re completely in the black, why isn’t Bannister funding this then?

    And no, I haven’t seen the Gwinnett Daily Post this morning… but if you’re having to stoop to ad hominem digs at someone’s appearance, your ammo for Bannister is running pretty low.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    My ammo against Green is pretty strong: Seems she is using her current seat as leverage against anyone wishing a rezoning in her district. She is telling them “either give to my campaign for county commission chairman or I won’t support your rezoning now.”

    You might think “Ah, what can one vote do?” But, the way this commission works is that IF the rezoning sits in a commissioner’s district, and that commissioner is against it, the other commissioners will not generally vote for it.

    Greedy Green…that’s what she should be called from here on out.

  15. BobG says:

    I am sure, Bill, that you will provide specific examples of Green’s extortion… being the honest, thorough journalist that you are…

    Of course, a quick look at the disclosure reports (you’ve looked at them, right?) bears out your claims, Bill… Green is raking in the dough from rezoning applicants while Bannister is struggling to scrape up cash from the development community…

    Do you note the sarcasm?

    So Jeremy, are you going to ignore my call for you to support your charges?

    1. Produce Green’s February statement that 287(g) was “unnecessary.”

    2. Also, produce Green’s “record of proposed illegal/unenforceable ordinances that get us sued….”

    And here is another one:

    3. Produce any documented proof that your client “advocated for 287(g)” prior to the first public mention by Green. Heck, produce ANY documented proof that your client initiated ANY public discussion of local immigration enforcement.

  16. Bill Simon says:


    No, I won’t be supplying names. The fact is these folks are more concerned with their livelihoods at the moment.

    However, by broadcasting what she is doing, that WILL inform people that they are not the only ones being strong-armed, and one day, one of them might decide to be the first to contact the U.S. Attorney’s office.

    Because, one thing IS for certain in Gwinnett County: As long as Danny Porter is the DA, his eye for government corruption will only be allowed to focus on those officials his handler suggests that he focuses on.

  17. StevePerkins says:

    Wow, I don’t think anyone is really doing Bannister any favors on this thread. Ad hominem attacks over an unattractive newspaper photo are one thing, as are REALLY lame nickname attempts that make “Snuggles” sound witty and clever.

    However, what really takes the cake is where you two go next, after Bob Griggs makes clear that you don’t know your elbows from your alimentary canals with the numbers or positions. “My next-door neighbor said, that HER cousin said, that HIS girlfriend said, that HER garbageman told her… that Green gets campaign contributions based on her leverage with zoning variances and amendments…” Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, you’ve got competition!

    I’m sure that zoning permits in exchange for campaign contributions, whether the parties say it expressly or not, happens all the time… why else would anyone donate real money to a county commission race? However, if Green were any worse than Bannister, why does Bannister draw for more contributions from developers than her?

    I genuinely don’t understand why anyone without a corrupt personal stake in Bannister could support the guy. The only two people here who do have used only misstatements and whisper campaign smear tactics… and haven’t yet responded to Bob Griggs’ request to produce things in support of their argument. In statewide and national politics, I can at least SEE the multiple sides to a debate… even if I don’t agree with them. However, this county race isn’t really an ideological thing… Bannister is a do-nothing, corrupt puppet for developers… and I don’t really see how you could support that unless you’re in the crony system yourself.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    “I’m sure that zoning permits in exchange for campaign contributions, whether the parties say it expressly or not, happens all the time… why else would anyone donate real money to a county commission race?”

    Thank you, Steve, for acknowledging that government corruption is A-OK in your book.

    Remind me NOT to call you for any legal advice when you pass the bar.

  19. Bill Simon says:


    Bannister has voted against a lot of the “development” that Lorraine has voted FOR.

    You are the one making more ad hominem attacks than anyone. You sound more and more like Little Debbie. But, hey, don’t let facts get in the way of the truth.

  20. StevePerkins says:

    1) I’m not “condoning” the fact that politicians look after the people who finance their campaign… I’m simply acknowledging that’s the case. Pointing out that a politician does this is like pointing out that the politician has bowel movements. It’s unpleasant to think about, but DUH, of course they do… and so do their opponents.

    2) I would be thrilled if you refrain from calling me for legal advice once I’ve passed the bar (especially since I’m studying to be a patent attorney, and you don’t strike me as the inventor type). Hell, half the reason I decided to leave I.T. is because I’m tired of getting calls from relatives who assume that because I deal with transactional middleware, I’m the PERFECT person to help them get pictures off their digital camera.

    3) I agree that Green has voted in favor of much development that I would prefer she vote against. In a perfect world, Bannister would have gotten off his ass years ago on illegal immigration, rather than look the other way and play finger-pointing games. My interest in Green is not super-enthusiastic… I’m just at a point (living in the Norcross-Duluth area) where illegal immigration has become more of a pressing concern to me than overdevelopment. I’d certainly love to get my way on both fronts, of course.

  21. HankRearden says:

    Steve, having an intelectual argument with Bill Simon is like having an intelectual conversation with a gold fish. If you watch the fish closely all you see is the lips moving and air coming out. If you do not agree with him you are just wrong. Don’t you know that by now? If you did not know it just ask him.

    Bill you speak of Danny Porter’s handler, how is your handler doing? I hope you all have all your talking points straight. I assume the check cleared for the mints Bannister bought too.

  22. davidinflowerybranch says:

    Bob. First of all. It wasn’t YOUR idea regarding business licenses! It was being done in Arizona before you ever started your claiming of it as your idea. SEND DOCUMENTATION on the fact that Arizona stole “YOUR” idea. Right.

    Also. Green accelerating the implementation of the SB certainly doesn’t make her brilliant either! All she did was move up the timing in Gwinnett. And because she did it without input from County legal and the purchasing department GWINNETT GOT SUED!

    It is because Green is so concerned with getting credit for things so she can say “I did it” that she jumps on things before they are well baked ideas.

    As far as 287G. A quick look through the newspaper archives will show you that Bannister was talking about it first. Also that the Sheriff was AGAINST it as he said that the two ICE agents that he had in the jail fulltime (a lie by the way. They come by but don’t sit there full time) that were sufficient to address the illegal problem.

    As far as this whole funding thing. Why don’t you come up out of your mommy’s basement and check on how much it cost Cobb to implement 287G. And Hall… and Charlotte…. and any of a dozen others around Georgia that it DIDN’T COST A SINGLE RED CENT TO IMPLEMENT!

    The Sheriff (with his accomplice Lorraine) raided the County’s till… again… with this bogus claim of needing money and people.

    He’s sitting on vacancies in his department. authorizing 18 more vacancies isn’t going to do a darn thing toward 287G! It’s all just a scam to get more money in his budget.

    His budget has ballooned as I have documented elsewhere here on PP from about 8% of the county budget to about 14% in just the last 6 or so years! The Police budget didn’t do that. the Fire budget didn’t do that. The DA budget didn’t do that… The Tax Commissioner budget didn’t do that… THEY COULDN’T! He was taking all the freaking money!

    Since you’re so tight with the Sheriff and such why don’t you tell him to show up for work now and then and maybe remind his wife where she works so she could show up too!

    And just to address one more thing about this race… How could anyone say Bannister is the one in the Developer’s pockets when he’s the one that hasn’t voted for a single solitary Apartment or Extended Stay motel during his term. Something Loraine can’t say.

    Hmmmm… now that I think of it… Aren’t Apartments and ESPECIALLY extended stay motels illegal alien housing?

    Thanks Lorraine!

  23. davidinflowerybranch says:

    Oh yeah. One more thing.

    Anyone giving any weight to what Bob Griggs says should consider the character and personal history of the same.

    He may think it has all been forgotten… but believe me… when you are fired from a police force for allowing the dispatcher to handcuff you half naked to a chair while you are on duty and supposed to be patrolling… it doesn’t get forgotten.

    Just thought I’d throw that in for you Bob since many here may not recall that you are such a low life.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    Hank Rearden,

    Unlike you, I have the integrity and character to post on this site UNDER MY OWN NAME.

    So, don’t waste time talking smack to me. Your opinions about me mean absolutely ZERO to me.

  25. Bill Simon says:


    If you aspire to be a good patent attorney, you might try working less on assuming characteristics about people you converse with and be concerned more with facts about people.

    For instance, the best patent attorneys tend to be those with engineering degrees (from REAL engineering schools, not “software engineering schools” or “IT engineering” schools), and, even better, attorneys who have PE licenses that demonstrates both the practical application of their engineering education, as well as more rigorous examinations (E.I.T. and PE exam) after receiving their undergraduate degree in engineering.

    Now, I am not attending law school, nor do I have any aspirations TO attend law school. But, aside from the legal studies, my background, my degrees, and my former professional engineering license would triple-trump your skills/background in becoming ANY kind of a decent patent attorney.

    In short, if you want to suck at being a patent attorney (or, any kind of attorney), continue in the same vein you are in now. 🙂

  26. HankRearden says:

    Did you same something? All I heard was bubble bubble. Bill with all your integrity are you disclosing that you are ex buisness partners with BJ and a vendor to Bannister? Better check with BJ on what you are suppose to say before you post again.

  27. HankRearden says:

    See Steve I told you. Not only is Bill right but he is real smart too. Don’t believe me just ask him.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    I’ve been friends with BJ for 10 years. You got something against BJ?

    Oh yeah…I guess you do. He’s smarter, and more honest, than you.

    What are you elected to, Hankee-Poo? Bob Griggs’ Toilet Bowl-Washer?

  29. Bill Simon says:

    Unlike you, Hankee-Poo, I was for Charlie Bannister in 2004, and I am for him now, regardless of whether I am a vendor.

    Mr. Bannister has integrity. Ms. Green is an idiot and a pathological liar. Not a very good combination for a candidate.

  30. Bill Simon says:

    “when you are fired from a police force for allowing the dispatcher to handcuff you half naked to a chair while you are on duty and supposed to be patrolling… it doesn’t get forgotten.” may no longer have the information online, but I know where there is a secret stash.

  31. StevePerkins says:

    Gee, Bill… thanks for the career advice and deep insight into the legal profession. I’ll be sure to give it all the weight it deserves.

    However, if you’re going to criticize Hank for posting under a pseudonym (despite the fact that pretty much everyone here knows his real name), then perhaps you should also post your resume on your website as I do… so that everyone can have the opportunity to attack your background and career plans as a means to avoid your actual arguments. Not that many people would do so.

  32. Icarus says:

    “…when you are fired from a police force for allowing the dispatcher to handcuff you half naked to a chair while you are on duty and supposed to be patrolling… it doesn’t get forgotten.”

    forgotten? Hell, I’d still be bragging about it.

  33. StevePerkins says:

    Heh, I was thinking pretty much the same Icarus, and just didn’t want to say it out loud! THAT’S a story I’d love to hear over a round of beers sometime.

  34. Bill Simon says:


    As I recall…let me see here…ah! Allow me to review the uppercut you tried to land on me: “I would be thrilled if you refrain from calling me for legal advice once I’ve passed the bar (especially since I’m studying to be a patent attorney, and you don’t strike me as the inventor type)”

    You struck first, I responded in kind.

  35. Bill Simon says:

    Actually, Boys, that story is of minor consequence in the Life History of Bob Griggs.

    For you see, what Griggs was fired for from the Covington Police Department were piles upon piles of instances of failing to uphold his oath of office.

    Whether failing to issue a DUI to a driver he stopped and tested at 0.19, or “Willful Violation of Departmental Policies” on what appears to be improper handling of seized DEA evidence (and causing a case against the perps to be lost, I believe), to wrecking 3 patrol cars…yeah, Bob Griggs is definitely the kind of “fun-guy” you would want to have beers with to celebrate “Violate My Oath of Office Day.”

    Hey, don’t forgot to invite Gwinnett DA Danny Porter to THAT day’s celebration activities. He loves a good party like that. Lorraine Green will probably be there too. Who else from Gwinnett County government should be invited?

  36. HankRearden says:

    Well I think we should invite all your friends Bill. Let’s see who would that be? I’m still trying to come up with someone. Can someone help me think of a name of someone Bill is friends with. Boy I am still thinking.

    I just had a thought. Maybe the reason you are always so angry at the world is you need a friend.

    Also what is up with all the nic-names? Hankee Poo and Steve-O, do you have a crush? I know you use to attend all those Log Cabin Republican Meetings but I am sorry I do not swing that way.

    Still trying to come up with a name. Calling all Bill Simon’s friends please remind us who you are.

  37. Jimbo says:

    Simon has friends that think it ok to atack other Republicans as long as they don’t get attacked. Hey, maybe someone should start a web site and an email newsletter that atack Simon’s friends and allies everytime he goes on the attack…We could see what his friends think about the attacks if they are the ones being attacked. Hmmm, novel idea.

    In Cobb County there is Cobb GOP Chairman Scott Johnson and Vice Chairman Bob Koncerak. They rubber stamp his attacks on other Republicans by putting him on committees and by doing business with Simon’s ID Builders company.

    Then in Gwinnett, I believe that someone mentioned that Mr. Vangundy and Simon were good friends. Maybe that is where Simon is getting his information from about Gwinnett GOP and Ms. Greene.

    Simon has not been smart enough to figure out that when he goes on the attack, he is actually helping the people he is trying to hurt. Many are turned off by Simon’s tactics and revolt against them and his allies. Keep it up Billy Boy…

  38. Bill Simon says:


    I see you are as big a p*ssy as Hankee-Poo. I suppose you were a BIG fan of both Ralph Reed and Bill Stephens in 2006? Yes, my attacks on Ralphie and Bill really helped them get elected, didn’t it?

    As far as Scott Johnson and Bob Koncerak go, their election was held fair and square (more fair and square than anything done in Cobb County in 6 years prior) and they are building a great party.

    Just about every monthly breakfast held in Cobb these days attracts an average of 100 people. How many attend the GGOP breakfasts?

  39. Bill Simon says:


    Playing the “gay card?” Wow. Pretty juvenile. Pretty darned juvenile. SO original.

    If I were you, I’d certainly keep hiding behind a psyeudonym…’cause you’re clearly a moron.

  40. Bill Simon says:

    Jimbo, Part 2

    Your blog history demonstrates just how BIG of an idiot you are, and of course, a hypocrite in terms of “attacking other Republicans.”

    Let’s go back to July 19, 2006:

    Jimbo Says: “The party will not unite behind Cagle.”

    AND…let’s not forget August 9, 2006:

    Jimbo Says: “I am supporting the GOP ticket except for Lt. Governor. There I am supporting the Libertarian Candidate, Buckley.”

    Jimbo, who the hell do you think YOU are to be judging anyone? YOU voted for the Libertarian candidate in the November 2006 election.

  41. Jimbo says:

    Bill, I have to admit that I have heard the same gay rumors about you as Hank eluded to…

    Bill, you said you would not have voted for Ralph Reed if he were elected so what is the difference between you not voting for Reed and me not voing for Cagle?

    Just look at the “kind” things you have said about Cagle lately..

    As for the breakfasts, I don’t have the slightest clue about any other county’s breakfast. I do know that you have drawn comparisons to the previous administration and the attendance at their breakfast. During the previous administration, there were two breakfasts per month and not one as there are now. That does make difference.

    The meetings of the current Cobb GOP Administration is not organized and is run by Koncerak as Johnson has no clue how to run a meeting. Many people that were activists have also left . The current Cobb GOP is just a social club…

    Let’s compare fund raising for this adminstration and the previous one. How much has been raised by Johnson and company? I don’t see a financial disclosure form online that was filed by the Cobb GOP since the previous administration left office.

  42. Bill Simon says:


    A couple of things: 1) While I agreed to serve on the Nominating Committee, you go ask ANY of your fellow corrupt pals who requested to attend a district and/or state convention if they were subjected to being classified as an “alternate” or completely rejected?

    The answer is EVERY SINGLE ONE of them got exactly what they requested: They got granted delegate slots to all conventions. Hobbs, Altman, Strickland..all of them. We didn’t heavy-hand reject anyone who wished to participate, unlike the clowns of the previous administration.

    As far as money goes, I am not on the board, so I do not have the answer. There was a meeting 2 weeks ago of the committee..did you attend? Was there a Treasurer’s report?

    Jimbo, you’re just a little pimple who doesn’t amount to a whole lot on the face of the political world. Keep on trying to put me down…all you demonstrate is how pathetic you are.

  43. WhiteFemaleVoters says:

    Bill I have liked Lorraine Green since she was first elected.

    You said, “Seems she is using her current seat as leverage against anyone wishing a rezoning in her district. She is telling them ‘either give to my campaign for county commission chairman or I won’t support your rezoning now.’ ”

    Then you said, “No, I won’t be supplying names. The fact is these folks are more concerned with their livelihoods at the moment.”

    Is there any proof where people can try and hunt this info on there own. Or is this info just come to you without verification?

    Personally I have a hard time believing it. For us sceptics where should we look?

  44. Bill Simon says:


    Well…I do know a way it can be verified. But, the problem is if I tell you, that will tip Lorraine (and her lapdog corrupters) off to how things will be revealed…and Lorraine will just change tactics to cover her tracks…

  45. Tommy_a2b says:

    How did I miss this fun stuff. Bill if you have anything other than accusation let us know. It is easy to accuse and hard to prove.

  46. Bill Simon says:


    Yeah, that’s kind of the element embedded in ALL matters of public official corruption. Go ask Bill Campbell about that. OR, former state senator Charles Walker.

    Took the feds awhile to dig, but they get a lot of them, eventually. Lorraine Green is just arrogant enough to be stupid enough in her ways to get someone pissed-off enough to provide witness testimony against her.

    It may not be in time for this race, but, she keeps on doing what she’s doing, and it will catch-up nicely to her.

  47. Tommy_a2b says:

    I am in no way saying any of us are inocent. What I am saying (thinking) is I would bet Bannister is as guilty as Green on any form of impropriety. And I in no way am going to point my finger at any of them without proof. Do you have some or just the word of, to use your terms, Bannister’s handlers?

  48. BJ Van Gundy says:

    For the record. Tonight is the first time I have even looked at Peach Pundit in quite a while.

    Also. While Bill Simon is a friend of mine, I have not spoken about the Chairman’s race in Gwinnett even 1 iota with him.

    Cheers. Now back to your regularly scheduled “make stuff up that we have no idea what we are talking about” program.

  49. Bill Simon says:

    “Now back to your regularly scheduled “make stuff up that we have no idea what we are talking about” program.”

    1 Amendment to that: “…under pseudonyms because we are p*ssies who are afraid of what might happen if Bill Simon actually knew who we were.”

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