1. dewberry says:

    Here is something I wrote about concerning the schools in Chatham. I also looked at the private school tuition around town. The private school I attended lists their tuition at about 1/2 of the local public system.

    Keep in mind that I add a little humor and sarcasm to my posts. More money for the schools has proven clearly, to me, to be a waste.

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    Reports are proving what the news media has been reporting for some time, the schools are rough and only getting worse.

    What also comes as no surprise is while vast sums of money have been pumped into the schools year after year, only marginal improvement of scores have been recorded in various areas of schooling and the youth seem to be more troubled than ever.

    The total budget for the 08 school year in Chatham County is only $442,981,680.00. The difference in the 07 budget when campared to 08 is a rediculously low increase of only $80,766,995.00.

    Budgeted Expenditures/Expenses per Student for 2008 $ 12,747

    Citizens are encouraged to take up a collection and give the schools more money with the hopes that both conditions of violence and low test schools will be improved.

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