Clayton County School Board: We’re Stupid, Not Criminals!

The AJC is reporting that the Clayton County School Board is denying that they illegally met in closed session after an explanation was demanded by the Attorney General’s office for why they, in fact, did exactly that.

On Tuesday, Clayton board attorney Dorsey Hopson sent a letter to the attorney general saying the board did not “knowingly and willingly” violate the law when it met privately with SACS. […] In his letter Tuesday, Hopson did not address the other allegations raised by the state, including why the board has conducted all its business behind closed doors on several occasions during the past few months. The board also did not respond to questions about missing sworn affidavits stating the reason for closing meetings. The law requires the board chair to sign an affidavit after every closed session.


  1. John Konop says:

    I have the real story via a rumor.

    Dorsey Hopson was having bingo night at his house. At the time many applicants were at the bingo party at Hopson’s home. I am not sure how much the new school superintendent won. But like in the movie and play The Producers the Clayton School board members never thought they would have to pay off the bingo match. So at the end at a public party they gave him the job at 280k a year job with part time hours.

    I am shocked how any of you could question how this was not done in the open.

  2. John Konop says:

    If the door was closed and they met in private and did not tell anyone that does not mean people were not invited according to their lawyer.

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