Repudiating Richardson

Georgia Trend’s Neely Young is on a rampage against the “Do-Nothing Legislature.”

Most of the criticism refers to Speaker Richardson’s abrasive management style. When things don’t go his way, his temper flares and he loses control of his emotions. Rather than trying to build consensus, he heaps abuse on those who disagree with him. He challenged Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to “Stand up like a man!” Last year he accused Gov. Sonny Perdue of “showing his backside.”

The crisis of leadership is a result of no one’s wanting to deal with Richardson. His position is virtually secure, because house members, not the voters, decide who is speaker. House members are a docile group, and are afraid to challenge his power.

Surprisingly, 90 percent of the scorn was heaped on the legislature from members of the GOP, conservative political columnists and conservative newspapers. The average citizen believes all newspapers are liberal; but there are many in Georgia that are on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

Young calls on the House Republicans to toss Richardson from the Speaker’s Chair.


  1. Painterman says:

    Yep, we all need to listen to that great bastion of conservative voice found in Mr. Young! Get real, He hasn’t had a good thing to say about a true conservative in a long long time. When all is said and done, the Speaker is the voice in the wilderness seeking to give the voters of GA a chance to change the way they are taxed. Let’s not forget that the income tax plan reduction would have been subject to a Gov veto, which we all know Cagle will not consider over riding, due to all the time the Senate will have to consider it to death, and it’s hard to consider anything at all with your head up the Gov’s rear end.

  2. jsm says:

    Is it possible to be Speaker of the Ga House and build coalitions through friendly deliberations and honest promotion of principle? It doesn’t seem so. Where was this expectation derived that the Speaker needs to wield a big stick and force his “subjects” to fall in line? Business doesn’t run well this way, and neither does government.

    Georgia needs a Speaker who can lead by example and do what is necessary to get the People’s business done efficiently and effectively. We don’t need one who can’t control his temper and who spouts off with unbecoming comments about his opponents.

  3. Chris says:

    Hell, if not controlling ones tempter and spouting off unbecoming comments about your opponents is what it takes to be Speaker, elect me to the position.

    I promise not to push massive municipal entitlement programs.

  4. Icarus says:


    You seem to have all the necessary qualifications to be a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas Light.

  5. Mountain Republican says:

    Right now, if things don’t change, the Gold Dome is going to end up just like DC did two years ago. Thank goodness Georgia Democrats are as inept as they are at the state and local level. The Republican Caucus will have an opportunity to remedy this situation after the November election cycle. It is time for leaders to lead or everybody else will be explaining why this mess happened again next year.

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