Contractors to get licenses

From the Secretary of State:

Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel today announced that the Georgia State Board for General and Residential Contractors is mailing licenses to approved applicants.

To date, 17,248 applicants have been approved for licensure. The number of approved applicants for licensure by category is as follows:

General Contractor Company
General Contractor Individual           
General Contractor Qualifying Agent
Residential Basic Company
Residential Basic Individual
Residential Basic Qualifying Agent
Residential Light Commercial Individual
Residential Light Company
Residential Light Qualifying Agent

Georgia law requires that all construction contractors receive licensure from the Board by July 1, 2008. The Georgia State Board for General and Residential Contractors has received 19,026 individual applications and 11,471 company applications for licensure.


  1. Rick Day says:


    This is just another way for money to transfer from the swear of working Georgians into the bottomless coffers of the State.

    I wonder if a nice $10K ‘donation’ can get my application kicked to the front of the line.

    Not that any contractors would ever do something like that!


  2. Chris says:

    WooHoo! More regulation! Thank you General Assembly! I needed you to protect me from making a bad decision.

  3. jsm says:

    I believe the impetus behind this is past complaints about the inability to hold unqualified contractors accountable for shoddy work. Many other states require licenses, including every state in the southeast.

    Contractors do have to pass a test, although I have no idea what the tests are like.

  4. Hank Reardan says:

    my understanding was this was done because Florida would not let our guys work there because of thier license requirement. Now we can shut them out or work a deal were our guys can work down there with a Ga Lincense if we let them work here.
    I still dont like the Government getting involved.

  5. Hank Reardan says:

    Do you think these proplems are no going to go away. I will tell you this the price of building WILL go up. How much I do not know but if you are a school system and you now have to pay 10% more than you did two years ago because the competition has been decrease and the cost of during bussiness has went up you now will be building 10% less schools unless you raise taxes.
    And at the end of the day your building quality may not be any better than before the lincenses went into effect. You will also keep the new people out of the business of contracting the ones who are more open to green buildings or the leed programs.
    I am in the constuction business. i sell commercial gutters to built up roofers in the south east. I have keep the prices down on gutters here in Atlanta because we went out and bought some of the top of the line equipment made in Germany. My shop can do with 10 people what is use to take 25 people 15 years ago. But if there had been a program to lincense to my type of business I would not have qualified and would have went another route.

  6. Hank,

    I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean. How will this program raise the cost of homebuilding? From what I know of the database, you take a test and get licensed. If you’re new to the building industry, I don’t think it’s a bizarre argument to say, “hey, you should know these things about building before you erect structures in which people will live.”

  7. Tea Party says:

    I agree with the general statement of not getting the government involved with private industry. As w2ell, there is a clear need to improve the quality of work provided in the trades.

    Having seen every jack-leg twice on various projects, anything to improve quality is welcome, and yeah, you pay for quality.

    Contractor: “Well, sir, we’ve been doing this for over thirty years”

    Me: “Thirty years of experience, unimpeded by progress.”

    This is way overdue.

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