Unadilla Finally Secured

There has been a dramatic increase in crime in Unadilla (located in Dooly County) of late because that city has been without a police chief and had only two full-time officers on staff. Well, as of now their police department is disbanded for six months to allow them to regroup, the Cordele Dispatch is reporting.

The Dooly County Sheriff’s Department will take over law enforcement and protection duties during those months while the city makes an attempt to employ a new chief and hire more officers.

Much like Erick’s comments of late about the need for a law to permit state intervention when local school boards screw up, it makes one wonder how problems like this can be better avoided in future.

[UPDATE]: Fresh into the Rogue109 Operations Center comes this query: “Why hasn’t the sheriff’s office been patrolling the city all along? Don’t city residents also pay county taxes that support the sheriff’s office? Yes, yes they do.”

Excellent point and very curious as it applies here…


  1. Rick Day says:

    Define: increase in crime? Spike in cow tipping? “Loud motorcycle pipes”? Been there, got the photos to prove it. They don’t need cops, just an occasional county mountie patrol.

    I swear, you ‘security freaks’!

    Unidilla is the home of the soon-to-be-famous motorcycle rally camp “Angel City”.

    Typically, the rally has its own from of effective policing by employing a group called “Regulators” (War of Northern Aggression scholars will be familiar with the term). I’ve seen them corral rival biker gangs into their *ahem* RV areas contented as cows munching on the proverbial clover.

    Some photos of the fun rally last fall, but do not click if people having fun imitating “Girls Gone Wild” offends your morals.


  2. StevePerkins says:

    I grew up down in this area (I used to write a political column for the Cordele Dispatch about 15 years ago). It’s a great relief for me to know that the Sheriff will be stepping in to man the speed trap next to the one red light.

  3. Rogue109 says:

    Rick Day:

    When I put up a hyperlink with the name of a newspaper, it’s usually a good bet that it’ll link to the story I reference. If you had clicked said hyperlink, you would have read:

    “Their outrage, they say, stems from a recent rash of break-ins involving five local businesses.”

    Too bad that *ahem* burglary which is *ahem* a felony is *ahem* not a concern for *ahem* you.

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