DA To GBI: Please Guess What I Want Investigated

It appears that District Attorney Paul Bowden in Tift County wants something related to zoning matters in the City of Tifton investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation…but he won’t talk about what he specifically is thinking of, per the Tifton Gazette:

Almost three weeks after District Attorney Paul Bowden said the investigation into allegations against the City of Tifton would require additional scrutiny by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Bowden has not communicated to the GBI what areas of the probe require more information. Mike Lewis of the GBI’s Sylvester office told The Gazette on Tuesday morning, “We’re waiting on further instruction from the DA.” When asked if he was waiting to find out what needed further investigation, Lewis responded, “Basically, that’s it.”

Quite curious, indeed.  If you won’t tell the GBI want you want investigated, it kinda makes it hard to perform an investigation, my friend.