Chickens Have Come Home To Roost For Former Macon Mayor

United States Attorney Max Wood is hot on the trail of former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis Hakim Mansour Ellis, according to the Macon Telegraph:

Former Macon Mayor Jack Ellis’ administration has been accused of misusing federal funds and making false statements to government officials, according to a letter to the city from U.S. Attorney Max Wood’s office. The government wants much of the grant money back, and civil penalties also could reach in excess of $1 million, the letter states. The letter doesn’t mention any potential criminal actions but says the Ellis administration told the federal government that “the city had spent the funds in accordance with the terms of the grant.” “All those certifications were false,” the letter states.

If only we knew of some hero who could help Macon in its time of need.


  1. Chris says:

    Erick looks so professional in a suit. Not at all what you’d expect from someone who makes a living in their bathrobe.

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