Atlanta, Lithonia Take Cues From Each Other On Getting The Job Done Wrong

Last week, City of Atlanta Chief Financial Officer Janice Davis gave the Atlanta City Council an update on invoices the city now has in hand which are overdue, according to the AJC:

Invoices overdue by 1-30 days – $20.2 million
Invoices overdue by 30-60 days – $8.75 million
Invoices overdue by 60-90 days – $6.9 million
Invoices more than 90 days overdue – $4.9 million

Meanwhile, the City of Lithonia is now dealing with yet another problem, again reported by the AJC:

An internal audit found the city had no internal controls on purchasing and no policies on how to handle its budget. The state Department of Audits and Accounts’ nonprofit and local government audits division served official warning on the city in January, saying it had failed to produce required financial audits from 2004 through 2006.

Finally, CrossRoads News is reporting that Sewell R. Brumby, the state’s legislative counsel, has determined that the City Council in Lithonia has the power to hire/fire and not the Mayor. That means that the Chief of Police in that dysfunctional paradise will stay on the job.