Audio from AFP event…

Here is audio from the speakers who were at the Defending the American Dream summit. I apologize for the quality of the recordings, it the best I could do.

Just right click and “Save Link As…”
Bob Barr (13.9MB)
Phil Gingrey (12.2MB)
Karen Handel (9.8MB)
Stephen Moore (15.5MB)
Tom Price (10.9MB)
Glenn Richardson (10.6MB)
Chip Rogers (8.9MB)
Lynn Westmoreland* (4.1MB)

* Westmoreland was not actually in attendance. This audio from a taped message.


  1. Icarus says:

    What! What! What!

    Is this authentic? Can’t be. Pithy, no caps, no exclamation points, coherent.

    The TMC is playing games with us.

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