The debate in Athens

My apologies for forgetting to put up the announcement earlier this week about the Fleming v. Broun debate. I’m still swamped with the real job.

In any event, I hear Barry Fleming handled himself very, very well today at the debate.


  1. warren says:

    a trial lawyer he may be, but he is still in no way more conservative than Broun. i met the man at the 10th district convention and was unimpressed with his inability to adequately define what conservatism is in his mind. i cannot support a man who seeks to reduce conservatism to a punch line. that is an affront to the constitution and the rule of law.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    You are correct Warren. Given the prospect of voting for a lawyer vs most any other profession in a political race I will chose the candidate of most any other profession.

    Paul Broun is more conservative than Howard Roark. I am somewhere to the right of Rush Limbaugh.

  3. bowersville says:

    I’m not reading too much into this. You have Erick reporting that he has heard, I repeat, he has heard, Fleming handled himself very, very well today. Erick has been blasted for not offering a PURELY supportive positive account of Fleming. Well you have it.

    You do not have any first hand accounts from anybody that was at the debate.

    The usual Fleming supporters are missing. Do I doubt Fleming did well in the debate? NO!

    Does doing very, very well in a debate translate to votes? No, it didn’t help trial lawyer Chan Caudell against Nancy Scheafer in the 50th Senate race a few years ago.

  4. Howard Roark says:

    From the Athens Banner Herald today

    “U.S. Rep. Paul Broun’s sometimes-unusual views and votes are an embarrassment to his constituents, challenger Barry Fleming said Saturday at a debate between the two Republican 10th District congressional candidates.”

    I guess Congressman Broun applying the constitution to votes is embarrassing to Fleming. He is not fit to lead. At the 10th district convention delegates showed their distaste for Barry in their response to his twisted attacks against Congressman Broun.

    I emailed another 10th district delegate who attended the debate asking how it went. The response was “the debate was good practice for Congressman Broun who will be running against a democrat in the fall who will say absolutely anything to get elected.”

    One more point of separation between Congressman Broun and Fleming. Fleming was on the attack concerning Congressman Broun and his beliefs on Social Security. I guess Fleming believes Social Security is a great program.

    “Fleming cornered Broun into admitting that he believes Social Security is unconstitutional. Broun said he does not want to eliminate the entitlement, but wants to give young workers control over the money they contribute to the fund.”

    Seems to me that most main stream grass root conservatives in the 10th district believe as Congressman Broun does. Fleming reminds me of you average democrat with his social security beliefs. You could change the name in the attack from Fleming to Clinton, Kennedy, Fienstein or Frank and it would match their beliefs on Social Security. He sounds like a LIBERAL on social security.

  5. Donkey Kong says:

    Roark –

    I personally support Broun. However, I was at the debate and I don’t entirely disagree with Fleming’s points. Unless I misinterpreted him, Fleming said that while Social Security has its serious problems, society has made a promise to our elderly that we will take care of them when they retire, and that it would be wrong for us to suddenly strip that away. Even if we were to cut Social Security altogether, it needs to happen to my generation (those just graduating from college) so that we can adequately prepare. America made a promise to our elderly and it would be despicable for us to renege on that promise. That’s what I took away from Fleming’s response. I actually think Broun and Fleming probably agree on this issue, it’s just a matter of semantics. Broun never said we should cut social security immediately, and in fact only supports reform. Fleming used the question of its constitutionality to insinuate that Broun wants to immediately end social security, but Broun never said such a thing.

  6. modcon says:

    “the debate was good practice for Congressman Broun who will be running against a democrat in the fall who will say absolutely anything to get elected.”

    Howard was this person talking about Broun or Saxon?

    It seems to me there is far more evidence that Broun will say anything to get elected. Just one look at his financial disclosure shows that the whole “Georgia’s last 100% house-call doctor” is complete bunk.

  7. bowersville says:

    To: Barry Fleming
    From: Bowersville, voter in Hart County
    Subject: CD10

    Barry, I begged for you to enter the special election last summer. Holly, you know I did. I believe you are a good and honorable man but I can’t support you this time. You have accomplished some good and honorable things while in the state house.

    This election in CD10 supersedes all that. We in CD10 are in a dilemma. You represent in my mind what has been wrong with the national GOP. I am glad that you proclaimed that you would not take any earmarks but that is contrary to what has been happening in Atlanta with Ben Harbin’s pork.

    How do I reconcile that? The only way I know of is to vote for Paul Broun.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    To: Bowersville, voter in Hart County
    From: Donkey Kong, voter in People’s Republic of Athens
    Subject: Re: CD10

    Bowersville, you echo my sentiments exactly.

    Jindal in ’12!!!

  9. bowersville says:

    Too bad a Jindal ’12 can’t rise in Georgia in 2010.

    Nothing against Jindal, Karen Handel, I’m calling on you to step up to the plate.

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