1. rptrcub says:

    Sadly, thanks to Cox’s shakeup of staff and getting rid of not just investigative reporters, but reporters who actually had in-depth knowledge about the state, this is what it’s come to. As someone who worked at a 72,000-daily circ paper recently, I was told that if I was to apply to the AJC, I wouldn’t be considered because that paper’s “too big”. They’re looking to journoslaves stuck in smaller towns and worse crapholes so they don’t have to pay them decent money.

  2. moocher says:

    Newspapers are in the same quandary as religion. Do you give the people what they want or do you give them what they need. The churches with the highest entertainment value: healthclubs, gymnasiums, bands, special effects and an omission of Revelation from every sermon seem to have the largest flocks.

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