1. Doug Deal says:

    On a venue by venue basis, I have no problem with smoking bans by the people in charge of the venue. It is far from the Nazi’s in the Republican party who used a state-wide smoking ban as one of their first orders of business when they took over.

  2. rugby fan says:

    Wow Erick.

    Rarely do you disappoint in serving up a steaming pile of tripe.


    I wouldn’t expect anything decent to come from you but surely you can say comparing anti-smoking zealots to a group that slaughtered millions is a little much?

  3. Icarus says:

    Don’t remember ever having a problem at Sanford Stadium, but I do remember sitting behind a couple of douchebags at Auburn who were trying to play bigshot by smoking cigars. Except they didn’t know how to actually smoke them, so they just held them to the side and let me “enjoy” them through the entire game.

  4. DMZDave says:

    A smoking ban at UGA/ My goodness how things have changed. I recall attending a James Taylor concert at UGA in the 70’s and finding myelf seated next to my very uncomfortable looking speech professor. I quikcly figured out why he wasn’t glad to see me so as the lights dimmed, I whispered “Don’t mind me if you want to smoke some weed.” He and his wife looked very relieved and as soon as the concet began he and darn near every other person there fired up. There was so much weed being smoked you could literally get high from the second hand smoke. And today you can’t smoke tobacco behind the stadium?

  5. Erick says:

    Rugby, I know, I know, but these groups are regularly referred to as “smoking Nazis.”

    I just dropped the “smoking.”

  6. BubbaRich says:

    Erick’s fighting The Man a lot today. If he wants to stink up Sanford Stadium, he could try not bathing for a couple of days. It’s works for people down in Baton Rouge, at least.

    And the NCAA refuses to give him a championship game that he can’t smoke at. It must be hard to be persecuted in Macon.

  7. bowersville says:

    Has anybody experienced any smokers at Sanford? (excepting DMZDave)

    I saw the half gallon liquor bottle flying down from the upper student section. I remember the river of banned alcohol flowing down the gutter, but I have never seen anyone smoking.

  8. kandrew says:

    The congregate on the steps over towards the west end of the stadium. It’s like walking through a tobacco scented fog to get up or down those stairs.

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