Example #296 Of Why Atlanta’s Budget Is Bloated

As if we needed another example of why the budget in Atlanta is bloated under Shirley Franklin, here is yet another example as employees allegedly start to get pink slips.

The city has sought to ease the transition as much as possible, given the blunt force of it: only two weeks’ pay, and very short notice in an iffy economy. They planned a job fair for some employees and may hire some workers in city departments exempt from the layoffs. Carla Sutton, a city behavioral health specialist, met with seven members of the city law department Thursday afternoon, explaining to them the city will extend counseling, career and psychological, to the dismissed workers for no charge.

So, not only is Atlanta expending additional monies for a job fair, but some of these “laid off” employees are going to possibly be hired by other City departments. Plus, those who are not able to be re-hired get psychological counseling at no charge. Counseling?!?! Suck it up, people!

Is there anything the City of Atlanta won’t pay for? Oh yeah, I forgot: police officers, city prosecutors and fire fighters.  Thank God, though, that the budget contains enough money for a “city behavioral health specialist.”  That’s clearly a “must have.”

Atlanta: the city too busy to budget.


  1. Harry says:

    After the $40 million tax increase is approved for necessary additional hiring of police and firefighters, the public will be informed that the commercial tax digest revaluation actually raised enough additional revenue to hire back everybody.

  2. moocher says:

    Here is another reason the City of Atlanta is a bloated morass. This from yesterday’s AJC, the same issues that announced the layoffs.Payroll error gives 18 Atlanta workers $375K for gas

    Here is the kicker, four months later two employees still owe the city $40,000 (essentially stealing from the city) and have not been fired yet!

    “Officials said some employees have been reprimanded but no one has been fired.”

    “Several employees got a single mileage reimbursement check that represented more than six months’ salary.”

    “Daniel F. McCrary, a public works employee earning about $31,000 a year, got paid $31,088.50 in one January check, records show. Officials say they are still trying to collect $30,777.62.”

    When somebody mistakenly overpays you for something it doesn’t mean you won he lottery, it means you show some ethics and alert them to their mistake.

    The crooks should be fired and a collection agency should be sent after them – especially in light of the layoffs.

    I know Sharon Beasley-Teague is wishing she was on the Atlanta City Council.


  3. Icarus says:


    Try to ignore today’s AJC story about Atlanta paying $1.5 Million ($300K each) for FIVE public toilets.


  4. Icarus says:

    which would have the bums peeing in the street just like now, but with a 5 minute delay and $1.5 Million of taxpayer money later.

  5. Harry says:

    Concerning those 4000 unknown and unpaid vendor invoices…

    “Chief Financial Officer Janice Davis said she did not know how much money Atlanta owes the vendors but insisted the city has enough money to pay its bills. …”

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