Dekalb GOP

I just got a disturbing tip that no one from the Dekalb GOP showed up today to handle qualifying and several candidates who wanted to qualify were unable.

This is not something I’ve verified though. Anyone know what’s up?


  1. Instant_Coffee says:

    The DeKalb GOP might have a communication problem. The few e-mails they send out contain conflicting information about events, letters do not reach intended recipients, the website is forbiddingly bare. It makes one wonder if the office politics are interfering with politics. Perhaps it is an indication that the members are merely passing through. Maybe they really don’t think DeKalb matters. Who knows?

  2. MediaGuyAtl says:

    This is one reason I do not donate to to the DeKalb GOP. It seems to me that the DeKalb GOP is spineless! The one time I saw them highly motivated was when Cynthia McKinney was running against Denise Majette. Erick please try to verify, I will too. If this really happened it is truly a sad state in DeKalb for Repubs.

  3. John Konop says:

    I know nothing about this issue. But as someone who attended numerous DeKalb GOP Saturday meetings it is unfair to rip them. The meeting was filled with intelligent and motivated people with very thoughtful question to speakers.

    Also Fran Millar is an excellent well spoken thoughtful Representative. Agree or disagree with Fran one cannot walk away without being impressed with his knowledge and candor!

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