Candidate Qualifying 2008: By The Numbers

Democrats Democrats
Republicans Republicans
State House 99 61 119 81
State Senate 36 17 39 20

[NOTE]: The chart above contains data showing how many Democrats and Republicans face challenges in November from the opposing party. There are several cases in which there is more than one Democrat (see House District 65) or more than one Republican (see House District 36) facing off against each other in a primary that is tantamount to the General Election


  1. EAVDad says:

    These numbers sound a little off to me. 142 running unopposed in the House? I counted 107.

    Regardless, that is obscene. Given the horrendous job this State House has done the past two years, it’s pathetic that the majority of these bozos will be unopposed. No one was offended enough by Glenn Richardson’s conduct this past year to actually throw their hat in the ring and make him answer for his poor leadership?


  2. I think he means that 142 general elections will be unopposed. Sure, one million people are running for Ron Sailor’s HD 93, but since they are all Democrats it is more or less a foregone conclusion as far as the November electorate cares.

  3. moocher says:

    Too bad the DPG didn’t have enough money. A few more recruiting autodials could have yielded much better results.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    What do you expect from a system where incumbents craft own districts, special interests fund the campaigns with strong incumbents funding the campaigns of weak incumbents?

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