Can we just nuke Clayton County?

And I thought Bibb County was an embarrassment. Good grief.

Clayton County District Attorney Jewel Scott and her husband, candidate for the County Commission Chairman’s seat, Lee Scott, are being sued for more than $1 billion.

Earl Randall, a candidate for the chairmanship, who used to work as the district attorney’s chief of staff, filed the law suit on Monday afternoon, alleging he was fired from his job in an act of political retaliation and suppression.

Randall was fired right before Christmas. Jewel Scott reportedly said he was campaigning while on the job, but Randall maintains he was fired because he was running against Lee Scott in the 2008 election.

“Within days of filing his Declaration of Intent [to run for county chairman], Randall learned that Lee Scott was very angry,” according to the suit. “Lee Scott was observed slamming his fist into a table at Fridays Restaurant while eating lunch with Jewel Scott and several employees of the CCDA. Lee Scott was heard screaming at Jewel Scott that the CCDA was his house and he ran his house. He paid $250,000 for Jewel Scott’s election.”


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Now (and, Rugby and Konop are NOT invited to provide a response) isn’t it amazing what happens when you take race out of the picture? All the fired folks can do now is claim things like “political retaliation” when they get fired.

    No more blaming things on the Mighty White Man/Woman for acts against them. Is this a great world or what?

  2. Icarus says:

    I want to get Bill a sense of humor before we go way the F out on a limb and try to make him sensitive.

  3. Demonbeck says:


    You need to find a gentler way of saying that. You may hurt his feelings or cause him to develop some kind of complex – not that he is predisposed to such things or that it would be wrong if he were. You need to think of Erick’s feelings and be less blunt.

    We still love you and appreciate your concern for Mr. Erickson. You are a good person and add to the conversation in this environment.

  4. John Konop says:


    I was thinking of singing from the Wizard of Oz if Bill only had a heart!


    You are right and I have just signed up for a sensitivity training group. The group is called Red State Viking. Does anyone know if Erick is the leader?

  5. Bill Simon says:


    You don’t need “sensitivity training.” YOU need common-sensitivity training. 🙂

    (I crack myself up! To heck with people that don’t think I have a sense of humor…hehehheh)

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Erick is the leader, but that does not make you any less important in this brave, new, sensitive world.

  7. Holly says:

    Um, Erick, speaking from experience, NEVER run for a higher office, okay? That quote will come back, and back, and back. . .

  8. StevePerkins says:

    Rogue, you really need to chill ou… wait, you mean someone ELSE made an over the top post about Clayton County?!? Watch yourself, Erick, you may leave yourself open to an infringement suit here!

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