Allison v. Jenkins

One of the GOP’s top targets in the State House will be District 8 represented by Charlie Jenkins. Stephen Allison qualified this week to challenge Jenkins.
Oh, by the way, Stephen is my brother-in-law.


May 2, 2008

For Immediate Release

Further Information Contact:
Stephen Allison 706-897-3231 [email protected]

Stephen Allison Enters House District 8 Race

Union County resident Stephen Allison has officially qualified as a candidate for State Representative for House District 8. The 8th House District includes Union, Towns, Rabun, and the northern precincts of White counties.

“We have never been better poised to accomplish so much for North Georgia, and I want to work to make sure our interests are strongly represented,” he stated. “I am asking for the opportunity to establish a working relationship at the Georgia Capitol to ensure the residents in Rabun, Towns, White, and Union Counties have opportunities like similar counties in North Georgia.”

As a candidate for State Representative, Allison stressed the need for effective leadership for North Georgia. “Right now, there are people and families in our mountains that are struggling with the current economic situation. As a small business owner who lives and raises his family in this community, I am well aware of the current challenges that people in North Georgia are facing,” Allison said. “Our area needs effective leadership to ensure that our local economies grow stronger to attract better jobs and more local opportunities.”

Allison said it is important for a public servant to understand the distinct qualities of each community and county, yet provide a clear vision regarding the priorities for the district.

“North Georgia needs a strong voice that can establish a working relationship among the cities and counties as well as the Georgia Capitol, to ensure that the residents in Rabun, Towns, White, and Union Counties are represented. We must ensure that our children, our working families and our senior citizens are provided every opportunity to have a strong voice in Atlanta that will stand up for all of our community’s needs.”

Stephen Allison is a practicing attorney with the Allison Firm, LLC. He and his wife, Regina, have two children. The Allison family lives in Blairsville, and has been involved in their community for more than a decade.

Stephen T. Allison
Candidate for Georgia House of Representative 8th District
[email protected]
(706) 897-3231


  1. MountainThinker says:

    All due respect, I’m gonna guess you don’t live in his district. Charles is not a bad person one on one; friendly, approachable, etc. But as a legislator, he can and does do nothing for us, and frequently votes against our interests in Atlanta. He’s like Max Cleland without the combat veteran respectability…he talks a great game and can ‘down home’ with us, only to vote the opposite when he’s away at the capitol. We can do better…

  2. RuralDem says:

    Correct, I do not live in the district. Honestly, I’ve never heard nothing about him, good or bad, I just know he’s one of the few rural Democrats left. Thanks for the response!

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