Rumor Du Jour

Mike Evans will run against Bubba McDonald for the PSC. I’ll believe this one when I see it.

[UPDATE] I haven’t confirmed it myself, but I’m told he has, in fact, now qualified. I’ve called now myself and it ain’t true. Not only is it not true, but it looks like it won’t happen.

[UPDATED again:] Okay, so . . . ain’t this an ongoing soap opera. “A source close to the ‘candidate’” who is not the candidate, but who I (A) know and (B) know is close to the candidate but is not named Gena, says that Mike is, in fact, considering this race and is at the “99.999% level” in doing it tomorrow morning.

Also, I think this may be the first time for him, McDonald qualified without listing the “Bubba.”


  1. Rpolitic says:

    Well given the alternative right now I think Mike would be a great option. For starters he is not geriatric. But I would like to hear what the women think…

  2. Rogue109 says:

    Well, SpaceyG (who I heard is a female) thinks that “it” isn’t worth dating, so she’s probably against it.

  3. ChuckEaton says:

    Well that post was interesting enough to get me out of my office and over to the Capital. I was told, 10 minutes ago, that nobody qualified as a Republican for PSC today.

  4. Had Enough says:

    Say what you will about Mike, but at least he’s not a Democrat, who ran for Governor as a Democrat, who was Tom Murphy’s Democrat henchman, got beat on the PSC as a Democrat and then had the nerve to run against the Republican Senate Majority Leader after claiming he got religion and switched parties.

    No more party switchers desperately trying to stay on the govt teet!!!

  5. Romegaguy says:

    Chuck he must have qualified as a Democrat. I mean if it is here it must be true…

  6. I found out yesterday that the Georgia PSC has the opportunity to go for a Cincinatti Reds Ken Griffey/Ken Griffey Jr 1990 era type thing. Chuck Eaton’s father lives in District 4. Go Chucks! (Btw he probably wouldn’t even have to come up with the fee if he qualified on our side…)

  7. ChuckEaton says:

    As certain as I am that my statewide celebrity status would propel him to victory, my father enjoys golf and bass fishing too much.

    I’ll be sure to pass your offer of a free qualifying fee onto him, but he’s hardcore. You’ve got a better chance of switching Lynn Westmoreland.

  8. You gotta love Chris’ side’s approach: everybody gets unearned money if you show up and sign on the line.

    it’s just usually tax money. 🙂

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Both Mike and Bubba are great guys and awesome candidates. This should be a fun race.

  10. AuH20 says:

    Mike needs to jump in this race. There’s no reason that this party-jumping-opportunist bubba should get a free ride on the R ticket.
    Speaking of free rides, anything to the rumor about his lobbyist-paid golfing trip to scotland?

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