1. drjay says:

    he listed his occupation as candidate b/c he has quit his job and refinanced his home in order to make a serious effort at this. he is a good man and would make an excellent congressman. the whole running for v.p. running or prez thing was a bit of a lark but he did it b/c he was fed up w/ politicians in general and the gop in particular after being a loyal gop voter his entire adult life and feeling like they lost there way in 2006. it was from that the idea of running for congress and actually trying to win a seat at the table grew…

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    no, dr. jay.

    it was not a smart move.

    Now this guy needs to spend money to win a primary…then raise $2million just to compete in the general.

    I commend him for standing up to be heard, but this is not the correct action for him to take.

  3. kandrew says:

    I’m not particularly blown away with anyone the GOP has trotted out to take on John Barrow in the 12th. Barrow only won by 864 votes in a district that could very well go into the hands of the right Republican.

    J.J. Barrow should be sitting on the same hot seat Marshall is on in the 6th right now, but it appears he’s facing nothing but a bunch of scrubs.

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Sorry for putting words in your mouth, drjay.

    I was unaware that he threw everything…even the kitchen sink…into this bid as well.

    It does not change the fact that Barrow has $1.3million and will probably add another $.5-$.75 million by November. McKinney is no Max Burns.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Ray is running and I’m running his campaign. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

  6. Goldwater Conservative says:

    That’s funny. Didn’t TR get kicked out of the GOP…like Zell was left behind by the Democrats…yes, I believe he was.

  7. eburke says:

    I just talked to Ray McKinney and he confirmed personally that he is running. He did qualify yesterday. I am glad that he actually lives in the district and didn’t just “move” to the 12th to run for an office.

  8. kandrew says:

    eburke… it is true that barrow is an Athens native. When he originally ran for, and won, the 12th, Athens was a part of that.

    He chose to stay in the 12th to represent the remainder of his district. The guy went through a divorce in the process and has had to leave behind all the roots in Athens.

  9. steelfist says:

    kandrew… Hate to break it to you but the Barrow divorce is not the sob-story you are implying. He hadn’t live with his wife for years. That was the worse kept secret in Athens. The district being redrawn in 2005 forced him to get a divorce since he had to move to Savannah to run and his family wasn’t going to move with him anyway. By the way, his roots are still deep in Athens. He still has his house in Athens which is worth more than his “cottage” in Savannah.

  10. kandrew says:

    steel… my parents still live down the street from Barrow’s Athens house. Believe me, I know the story.

    The fact of the matter is that Barrow should be an easy GOP victory if they had a legit candidate down there in the 12th

  11. Annoyed Dawg says:

    I got forwarded an email that said that Ray McKinney went to the University of Georgia and then Savannah Tech. Isn’t that a little backwards? What was his degree in? I’m confused.

  12. 1. Yes I did qualify

    2. Yes, I did bet the farm because I believe in this cause, and that’s something the voters can take to the bank. They will decide what kind of person they want to represent them.

    3. I can assure you the GOP did not “trot out” Ray as a candidate.

    4. UGA was straight out of high school and like many freshman I spent more time at the Dawg house that at the school house. Savannah Tech was the only option when your wife is attending Armstrong, your son is 2, you have a full time job, and you are trying to get ahead.

    5. The whole plan to run for congress grew from voter frustration on my part with the path the GOP, or at least many of the officials in the GOP, were taking. I expected better out of elected officials and it seems that many of you do too. Was that not the emergence of the blogosphere?You guys wax eloquently about our electied officials but what do you do to hold them accountable?

    6. Why run? I believe the role of a Congressman is to represent his district. I have lived in and around this district since I was 11. I was raised in a blue collar family and over time moved up to a white collar world. I have been married, thanks to a patient and wonderful woman for over 24 years. My son was raised in Georgia and is now making his path in life. I have 23 years experience in the energy industry, 29 years of paying taxes, and 45 years of living in the greatest country on earth. I think if you look at the “average” joe in the 12th or in Georgia for that matter, of all of the candidates I am the closest representative who is willing to take my work ethic and fight for what I believe is right for the 12th, Georgia, and our country as a whole.

  13. Annoyed Dawg says:

    Aha. So you’re an engineer or no? Sorry, I am trying to sort out what you actually do. The email I got obviously wasn’t very clear.

    Secondly, can you talk to us about that presidential run? Why get out?

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