Rashad Taylor and Qualifying

I got this from the tip line:

Rashad Taylor is still being paid over $55,000 from the democratic state party, as salary for “consulting” despite not being present at the HQ and not having an office there anymore.  This is wasted money and Democrats should be furious once again at the failed leadership.  With failed leadership not recruiting candidates until qualifying week with robo calls (one of Rashad’s duties as Political Director), not raising money, and not coming out with clear positions and stances, why would donors continue to send money knowing that over $50,000 is going to someone who is running for office and not providing any services to the party?  Where is the rest of the money being spent?

A Democrat source tells me that Mr. Taylor is actually now taking a leave of absence from the party. Likewise, this same source — and the source is in a position to know — says “ qualifying is embarrassing especially after all their obamamania talk the last few weeks.”

With the demographic numbers shifting in Georgia and the Obama exciting leading to new registrations, etc., you’d think the Democrats would be having a better year.

UPDATED: Overnight a tipster I know is active in the DPG suggests there were employment issues related to Mr. Taylor’s departure — time sheet stuff, production, etc. The tipster notes that “Rashad was a paid intern for the party back in 01-02 during the barnes run. basically did oppo research (basic stuff, like courthouse records, etc).” Like the other tipster, this one isn’t too happy with Jane Kidd’s DPG.


  1. HollyJ says:

    Would this be the same Rashad Taylor that said Democrats can win a statewide race without ever having to leave Atlanta?

  2. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Even if he is “on leave,” why is he being paid? And why weren’t the other employment issues ever addressed before hiring him. And regardless, does the DPG plan to operate without a political director just as primary season begins and the race for 08 starts? Delegate selection is not even complete and he was working on that, messaging isn’t clear I assume he was working on that, candidates are angry from around the state at the party’s response for advice and guidance leading up to qualifying, and what is in store for the party? Are they going to go a few months to see if he wins or loses before making a decision to replace him as Pol Dir? Too many questions coming from the DPG and not a lot of answers. Sad.

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