More Bad News For Foes Of School Choice

Just received on the Rogue109 tip line:

With the debate over school choice continuing to percolate across Georgia, the Manhattan Institute yesterday released a fascinating report that examines how special education students perform when they have school choice. The researchers looked at a program in Florida, which is similar to Georgia’s. According to the executive summary:

* Public school students with relatively mild disabilities made statistically significant test score improvements in both math and reading as more nearby private schools began participation in the McKay program. That is, contrary to the hypothesis that school choice harms students who remain in public schools, this study finds that students eligible for vouchers who remained in the public schools made greater academic improvements as their school choices increased.

* Disabled public school students’ largest gains as exposure to McKay increased were made by those diagnosed as having the mildest learning disabilities. The largest category of students enjoying the greatest gains, known as Specific Learning Disability, accounts for 61.2% of disabled students and 8.5% of all students in Florida.

It’s time for school choice for all in Georgia. Paging Glenn Richardson, Casey Cagle, and Sonny Perdue. It’s time to let freedom ring!

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  1. the simpsons says:

    Well..its about time we get this kind of news. Something we knew all along didn’t we???

    It is time for school choice for ALL. Isn’t it time we take it to a vote in GA??

    They just had to pay $720,000 in Polk county school district becaused they failed to educate an Autistic young man properly. Now I am sure that will be transmitted to the taxpayer somehow.

    I say throw the whole system out and start anew with universal school choice!

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