Hookers and Massages. Yay!

Emails do tend to come back and haunt people. The AJC has one from Kevin Ring sent to Padgett Wilson, Sonny’s director of governmental affairs, written while still a lobbyist in which he writes

“As for those DOJ staffers, those guys should get anything they want for the rest of the time they are in office—opening day tickets, Skins v. Giants, oriental massages, hookers, whatever.”

Frankly, that sounds to me like something I would write — not to be serious, but to emphasize just how much help someone was in a humourosu way among friends in the office. I seriously doubt Kevin was actually advocating hookers and oriental happy endings.

I believe I once suggested to a colleague in my law firm that we arrange for a bevy of blind hookers for a particularly helpful expert witness who could not have gotten a hooker regardless of the money he’d have offered, unless the hookers were blind.


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