David Scott in the Tipline

From the tip line:

David Scott’s sits on the House Financial Services Committee. This committee not only oversees mortgage and financial services companies but supplies Mr. scott with the majority of his contributions. No wonder Mr. scott did not do anything to prevent this housing crisis.


  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    That’s nice Erick…care to mention to everybody else that there are 80 members of the finance committee.

    Look at Nathan Deal, John Linder, Phil Gingrey? Compare their PAC Contributions business category and the committees that they sit on.

    This is why most bloggers will never been considered journalists. They are heavily biased.

    If you, Erick, were so concerned about campaign contributions and the housing market…why did you not look at the history of campaign finance for the other members of the finance committee?

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:


    what is the tipline?

    I like that AuH2O bit. It is catchy. You kids these days.

  3. Georgiamike says:

    Yesterday afternoon when your source was writing you, Congressman Scott was wrapping up a four-day markup of a major mortgage relief bill in the committee. Since last year the committee has passed several major housing bills that will need to be reconciled with the Senate. FYI – there are two other Georgians on the committee.

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