Broun Campaign Brings the Big Guns

From a source close to the campaign:

U.S. House Republican Leader John Boehner to Host Fundraiser for Congressman Paul Broun; Other GOP Leaders Contribute to Broun  U.S. House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) will serve as host of an upcoming fundraising event in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the re-election of Congressman Paul Broun, M.D., the Broun campaign announced today.  GOP Leader Boehner’s commitment adds momentum to Broun’s determined fight to win his battle for re-election. Chief Deputy Whip Eric Cantor’s Every Republican is Crucial (ERICPAC) has contributed $10,000 to the Broun campaign.  COLEPAC, the leadership PAC of Tom Cole (R-OK), has given Congressman Broun a $3,500 contribution for his campaign.  Cole serves as Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.  According to campaign spokesperson Jessica Morris, “Congressman Broun is thankful for the confidence and assistance of the House Republican leadership.  The citizens of the 10th District of Georgia can be assured that Congressman Broun is an integral part of the Republican team on Capitol Hill, putting forward an agenda of positive solutions based on conservative principles.  He is also standing with his fellow Republicans in united opposition to the liberal bent of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, not on the basis of partisanship, but because higher taxes, bigger government, and weak national security policy are bad for America.” 


  1. Donkey Kong says:

    Broun came out swinging and he just knocked the ball out of the park. This is huge.

    Great to see the party lining up behind Broun.

  2. Had Enough says:

    I seem to recall broun labelling Whitehead some establishment sell out for having all the DC support and Atlanta support.

    I guess, just like the fliers, and calls all paid for by taxpayers it’s just another example of saying one thing to get elected and then jumping in the mud like the rest of them.

  3. rabuncountyman says:

    Barry is running an ineffective campaign. With the likes of Glen Richardson leading the fundraising charge for him in Atlanta you should not worry H.E.

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Well, Paul Broun is exactly the kind of Congressman that Boehner, Frm Congressman Tom DeLay and those types want.

    They do not want members reaching across the aisle…unfortunately they have yet to figure out that such a strategy can not last long when your party is in the minority and shows no signs of narrowing their status.

    What makes Fleming’s campaign ineffective?

    He is doing exactly what he should be doing. Raising money to make an all out charge beginning July 1.

  5. Annoyed Dawg says:

    I’m with you, Had Enough. For those of us who have realized that PeachPundit is the most biased source in news for this race, I suggest reading Blake’s blog over at the Banner-Herald’s web page or the AJC’s Political Insider for at least a clue in to reality. Or read the Banner-Herald and Augusta Chronicle news stories.

    There was no mention here, for example, that Broun’s letting the USDA center close. There’s also been no mention here that Broun’s big announcement about the G-7 endorsement is blowing up in his face because he lied about it.

    That pesky franking problem of Broun’s? No mention here that Broun’s best defense is “Charlie did it!” The last time I checked, Charlie Norwood was dead. He also didn’t promise to be a “strict constitutionalist,” either, so that little tantrum didn’t hold water.

    However, we do get a lot of press releases about Broun’s supposed wonders, and there can’t seem to be one post that’s completely positive about the opponent.

    I’ll still read this site and comment, but I strongly suggest people interested in what’s really going on in the 10th check in with the more reliable news sources for accurate coverage. PeachPundit is little more than a Broun shrill.

  6. kandrew says:

    UGA College Republicans will be hosting a debate between Broun and Fleming on Saturday. Those interested in the race in the 10th should come on up to Athens and see the show.

  7. Donkey Kong says:


    I would think that when the Democrats want to surrender in Iraq, raise taxes, and nationalize health-care, the last thing we should be doing is working with the Democrats to help them accomplish these goals. Republicans have capitulated and enacted liberal policies while in power (Medicare Part D, NCLB, etc.). I would be overjoyed to see Republicans finally stand up against big government.


    There have been a number of fairly large news items out of the Broun campaign this week that have not made it on PP (Broun endorsed by the oldest conservative PAC — The Conservative Victory Fund, as well as by Paul Weyrich, co-founder of Heritage, Free Congress Foundation, ALEC, etc.). If all Erick wanted to do was post info from the Broun campaign, there would have been many more posts this week.

  8. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Wow, you should really stop listening to conservative talk radio.

    Reforming the health-care system does not equal nationalized health-care (or any other rhetorical name those whackos call it these days). You can not surrender a war that you already won.

    Any economist or political scientist will tell you: there are only a couple of ways to rid ourselves of the deficit.

    Cut spending, raise taxes and stop borrowing.
    The tax code just needs to be readjusted to ensure that people earning more than a quarter million a year are being taxed more than people earning $25k/year. We can generate more revenue without raising taxes.

    Play with the numbers. Raise taxes by 5% on the wealthiest 10% (earned/unearned) and lower taxes on the middle 20% by 5%. I do not necessarily prescribe this exact proposal, but there is no “increase” in tax rates…just tax revenue. It is not discouraging success, if you think so…I just shows that you have never been in the board room on the 75th floor.

    Hell, 20 years ago (when I was “earning” money) when taxes on the upper 5% of income “earners” increased…we just gave ourselves pay raises to compensate. It did not lead to us cutting benefits or downsizing, most of the time there was an executive officer on his way out (retirement or death) or one of the “kids” would be leaving “make it on his own.”

    Progressive income tax…what is your idea, a consumption tax! I laugh at such a short-sighted proposal.

    The “Fair Tax” book may be a more interesting read than any tax law text…but Alice in Wonderland is more interesting than the Bible, and I do not see too many people worshiping Lewis Carroll.

  9. bowersville says:

    I read Blake’s blog, the AC, the AJC and the ABH almost daily.

    Fleming hasn’t offered any REAL reason to vote against Broun. According to Fleming, Broun can’t do anything right.

    Without trying to first sale a spiffy product, Fleming jumped straight into the pig pen mud.

    I strongly suspect Fleming will be left in the pig pen eating mud pies after the primary.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    “The “Fair Tax” book may be a more interesting read than any tax law text…but Alice in Wonderland is more interesting than the Bible, and I do not see too many people worshiping Lewis Carroll.”



  11. Chris says:

    That’s because the Harry Potter series is more interesting than both, and we’re all worshiping JK Rowling.

  12. GoldWater, there is a word for your comprehensive socio-economic theory: SOCIALISM. Save your breath next time, and just say it. Be proud! And be sure to cite Das Kapital when you do.

  13. Jane says:

    Fleming should have waited until redististricting in 2010. There will be an Athens Seat and an Augusta Seat. Like my ex, Fleming shot his load a little too early.

  14. Howard Roark says:

    Actually Jane the redistricting will not be complete until the elections cycle of 2012. You are correct he should have waited. I understand from friends in the Augusta area that Barry is not as popular as Jim Whitehead. Pride forced him to run and Glen Richardson probably told him to do so as well.

    I look forward to the day Glen Richardson is no longer in charge of anything in our state legislature.

  15. bowersville says:

    The census is 2010, redistricting 2011 and elections 2012.

    I guess they can always run that king of pork DUI Ben Harbin unless Lee Benedict can unseat him.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Lee wins and is elected to Congress in ’12.

    Glenn and his majority whip Fleming represent the things that are wrong with our state GOP. No tax relief, no spending cuts, no reduction in the budget and special projects money at the 11th hour. Once in the majority, they lost their way.

    Barry loves to claim his skills of building a majority party and that is true. But what kind of majority? Did you get any tax relief? Was there more pork? Was there a spending cut?

    Remember, Barry Fleming is third in command and the majority whip in our State House.

  16. Holly says:

    Your taxes are lower, the budget is balanced, and things like Certificate of Need reform and tort reform have been passed since 2004. I’d say that’s something, even if you’re mad at the legislature for this past year.

    Is the Glenn Richardson / Casey Cagle / Senate / House thing annoying? Yeah, to those of us who read Peach Pundit, it is. But I’m going to guess that 3 out of 5 Georgians can barely remember what office Casey holds and 1 in 5 have any idea of who Glenn Richardson is.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Wait! You mean Fleming’s not going to be able to sweep the UGA vote? After all of his grandstanding about demanding that Florida change their whole legal process for allowing the alumni/fans of an out-of-state university to obtain a special UGA license plate?

    Surely you jest? Surely that district is comprised of exactly the same mentality of MORON that Barry Fleming attracts as his main support group, right?

  18. rugby fan says:


    Doesn’t the state constitution require a balanced budget? So what you are essentially saying is that the GAGOP, as a strong majority, enacted only basic GOP philosophies while bickering like children whenever anything major comes up for debate.

    Inherent voter apathy doesn’t excuse or justify their actions.

    The GOP in Georgia is a group of petulant children.

  19. Icarus says:

    “The GOP in Georgia is a group of petulant children”

    Now, wise one, you’re starting to understand why it’s all about the Children…

  20. bowersville says:

    Holly, I’ll concede your first paragraph and part of your second.

    But I’ll tell you this. If Barry is counting on the ignorance of the 10th’s voters he is mistaken. If only half of the money that Broun has alluded to comes in, Fleming is going to be smeared like smear has never seen.

  21. Goldwater Conservative says:

    martinlutherstreet,…that word would only apply if the system were to reform to the benefit of the people at the bottom. It is aristocracy when the people at the top are the ones that benefit from the system…we still do not know what happens when the middle class prospers from a political system, it has yet to happen.

    I would rather cite classic liberal texts written by “conservative” heroes only to show the miscreants what gross misinterpretation has followed by a blinding flag and cross.

    I am not so much pro-Fleming as I am anti-Broun. Broun is only alluding to money, Fleming has been actually raising it. It may come down to state interests vs. federal interests. Which would you prefer…the BIG gov’t GOP or the states rights GOP? You will not receive such consideration from Broun…he has sold to the higher bidder…the federal gov’t!

  22. bowersville says:

    BS H2SO4, Broun voted for states rights on the MJ issue least you forget.

    Fleming is BIG GOVERNMENT GLENN RICHARDSON to his own demise.

    You are all over the political spectrum and you are caustic.

    BTW, it has been the middle class that toted the water for you self proclaimed aristocrats until such things as the French Revolution and the founding fathers of 1776.

  23. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I vote here and there is nice.

    I am not sure about you,…but I was not alive in the 18th century.

    MJ issue? I am lost…use words, I am old. I have been in this country long enough to have learned that if you can patriotize or christianize something…it will sell.

    In my life outside academics…I have made a fortune off of American ignorance.

  24. bowersville says:

    What’s the matter AuH2So4, you and your fellow Flemings’ can’t get together for a response. Or are you and your ilk writing the blue collars off as just another ignorant voter from the 10th.

    My ears are closed to your claim to your aristocratic wealth and your ploy for a tax hike. You claim you are able to get a pay raise to off set the difference. That’s not me, I have to work for a living. H*ll I’m glad you are against Paul Broun, I despise your like minded liberal trash that look down on the rest of us.

  25. bowersville says:

    AuH2O, don’t hand me that lost crap anymore. You are academia and you know best for the rest of us, don’t you?

    And outside of your academia, you have made money off the rest of us ignorants haven’t you.

    Don’t ever try to attempt to sway me! You are nothing but an elite liberal that thinks you know better than me what is in my best interest. Read your academic history, maybe you’ll know about the 18th century.

  26. Howard Roark says:

    “Wait! You mean Fleming’s not going to be able to sweep the UGA vote?”

    Bill you know a UGA graduate who becomes a M.D. trumps an UGA graduate who becomes a lawyer. Then again anyone trumps a lawyer.

    Fleming is speaking today at the Rabun county GOP meeting before coming to UGA to debate Congressman Broun. I will let you know what he says at Rabun when I get a report from a man on the scene. We can compare it to his tired attack of Congressman Broun from the past and contrast it to his debate today to see if his rhetoric matches.

    The next time you are passing through chicken country in north Georgia stop in to see us or you can visit your favorite taxidermy / political website for some comic relief.

  27. Donkey Kong says:


    No talk radio for me. Sorry to disappoint. Though you seem to have learned how to make baseless assumptions from the kings of talk radio. Take note:

    1) I never said reform of healthcare = nationalization. Healthcare badly needs reform but government mandated health insurance is not the solution. Forced spending on health insurance is a clear encroachment on our freedom. If I want to self-insure, that is my prerogative. I don’t — I’ve been paying my own health insurance since I was a sophomore in college. But it should be my right to do so.

    Nor is creating a government-sponsored health insurance program. We already have it — it’s called Medicare/Medicaid — and welfare programs already account for the overwhelming majority of our budget. You talk about bringing down the federal deficit, and I agree with you on that, but the liabilities the government incurs through subsidized health insurance for the masses is astronomical. How would this help solve our deficit? Furthermore, Mr. Ungoldwater, please tell me how that is anything but socialism.

    The problem is that there is no price competition in the medical field. Insurance companies have become a buffer between the consumer and the provider of services, and when consumers are permitted to choose services while ignoring prices, its no surprise that healthcare costs are skyrocketing out of control. Any industry that competes purely on quality and not on price will see rapidly inflating prices. Proper healthcare reform will re-establish price competition in the medical arena so that medical practitioners compete on both price and quality.

    2) Saying we won the War in Iraq when we overthrew Saddam is to remain stuck in a pre-9/11 view of foreign policy. The reason we are still in Iraq is because of the GWOT. The real war we are fighting is to create a safe and stable democracy in the Middle East that not only denies terrorists a safe haven, but that gets to the point where it can contribute to moderating radical Islam. This is the main war we are fighting and is the one that the Dems (and some Republicans) want us to lose.

    3) I hate that it’s so cliched, but it’s true: we do not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. I’d like to see what the deficit would be had Bush not enacted Medicare Part D. The government has more than enough of our money. It’s time we force them to become more efficient and institute a priority system when spending our money.

    4) I’ve been in a corporate board room before, though it was on the fourth floor of a building in Gwinnett, owned by a small soon-to-be public company, and I was an auditing intern. And I sat in the corner. Oh well. Perhaps this summer it will be different. Even if its not, the view from my desk on the 49th floor overlooking Governor’s Island with Brooklyn in the distance is quite spectacular.

    5) Actually, I prefer a flat tax. And either the elimination of the corporate income tax combined with making capital gains taxed as ordinary income, or just lowering corporate income tax and eliminating capital gains taxes altogether. Our earnings are taxed at so many levels, I think its time we simplify the tax code and have our earnings taxed just once.

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