Oxendine launches website

John Oxendine’s campaign website has gone live. You can visit it here.

Also, this video appears on the front page of the site:


  1. saltynuts says:

    Getting rid of the birthday tax would be more serious reform than Perdue has done in 1.5 terms in office.

    The only taxes Perdue has cut have been ones that disproportionately benefited him personally.

    And I really don’t care which tax plan is better, we by God should be able to get some tax relief, any tax relief, out of a Capitol under Republican control.

    But Glenn and Casey were too interested in name-calling, and Perdue fled the state. And the taxpayers all got screwed.

  2. shep1975 says:

    Eliminating the Tag Tax has carried a lot of Republicans into state’s governor’s mansions.

    Maybe by getting out there so early on this issue will prompt the legislature to act to take away the issue. If that’s the case, Ox may be more effective as a candidate than a lot of our elected leaders have been in their offices on this issue.

    Great commerical, however, I didn’t know today was Todd Rehm’s birthday too.

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