Eric Underwood v. Nan Orack

He sends this in to the tip line:

I am running for State Senate Seat 36, Nan Orack holds that seat now.    I am also switching my party to Democrat.   I am still pro-life and pro 2nd amendment and still very conservative.  I have not been treated well by the Republican Party.  They were long on promises and short on results.  I have to question their commitment for accepting minorities in the party and working with them.  I will support a Republican candidate in the 10th CD race.  I thank you to all of my supporters and friends.   I will qualify on Thursday at 2pm at the State Capitol.


  1. Holly says:

    Erik wasn’t treated well. . . by whom? I think many people my age misunderstand the Republican party (and likely the Democratic party, too, though I cannot speak for them) in this state. We farm our candidates. You cannot just move to a district for an open seat and convince the people you’re one of them. Rural Georgia, and even the smaller cities, need to know someone really has been “one of us” (i.e., resided in the area to know the local issues) before voting for them. The county parties are the same way. They’ll gladly accept new folks, but you’re probably not going to get voted onto the board after attending only one meeting. There has to be commitment on your part before others give their commitment to you as a candidate.

  2. drjay says:

    very good points holly–i was kinda curious what he meant by not treated well also–did he mean in the pecial–i thought everyone was very cordial to him at the state convention (the only time i ever saw him) last year–there were 5 other gop candidates in that race–some of whom actually lived in the district–so he was certainly not going to “be annointed” last )summer–i had heard rumors he might run in the 12th or maybe seek a state legislative seat–is that what”promises” were made for–did he ever officially move to augusta (his campaign manager was not a gop and had run for office in augusta as an indy btw–if i recall correctly) state sen orreck’s district is not so much in the 10th if my geography is sound–this does leave me w/ lots of questions–race aside (that he mentions, not me)–i see a young man in a hurry who was not willing to pay any sort of dues and yet wanted the world on a string…good luck to him and all we’ll see what develops

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