Problems On Horizon For Camden County Sheriff?

The Tribune & Georgian of Camden County is reporting on the existence of a federal grand jury investigation of Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith.

The federal investigation, which began earlier this year, started after Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents completed their own investigation into Smith’s use of inmate labor and turned their final report over to District Attorney Stephen Kelley. Kelley then delivered the report to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta.

One of the allegations is that Smith utilized Sheriff’s office trustees to work on property located on the Cumberland Island National Seashore. The property is used by the Atlanta-based Shepherd Center, which treats patients with spinal cord injuries like Smith’s own son, Blake, who was paralyzed in an April, 2003 car accident.


  1. JasonW says:

    Being from Camden County, I know a little about this issue. It should be known, first off, that the Federal Grand Jury has been investigating for months and has yet to return an indictment. A Camden County grand jury also, on a fact-finding inquistion, found that the Sheriff’s Department was not in violation of the law, and in fact praised the department’s Trustee program.
    Personally, I plan on voting for Sheriff Smith’s re-election, although I don’t agree with a lot of his decisions. The inquisition though, I feel, is a direct result of an ongoing feud between the County Commissioners and the Sheriff’s department over the budget.
    I don’t think that, unless indicted (and possibly even then) that Smith will be defeated in his re-election bid against two challengers in the Republican primary.
    On the legality issue, I’m not sure. I don’t know enough about that portion of the law. But I would bet that the Federal Grand Jury fails to indict.

  2. BubbaRich says:

    I was treated at the Shepherd Center for severe brain damage last year. The people there worked far harder than I was able to pay them, even including my Georgia Tech insurance. I work on brain research at Georgia Tech, and they didn’t ask me to steal anything from Tech to help them with their work instead of paying them, so I doubt they made any of that sort of deal with the Camden Sheriff. I’m not sure that, even in Georgia, it’s illegal to be nice to people who have helped you. As long as Shepherd Center isn’t using that land as part of a donor weekend trip to a UGA football game, it sounds like a very worthy effort to help them out.

    Oh, and Shepherd Center helped me recover from my brain damage enough that I only rarely vote Republican any more.

  3. Rogue109 says:

    Yeah, apologies for the double posting. I threw it up around 5 p.m. and then left my massive estate and, evidently, hit the wrong button twice (grin). Word up. I’ve gone in and since deleted the newer posting…

  4. therealschoolpolice says:

    I run a blog in Camden County

    Jason W’s comments are way off. Yes the federal investigation is still ongoing, which means they have something to talk about. If they didn’t it would have been dismissed by now. As for the Camden County grand jury, that was a review of sheriff office policy only. the jury never heard any evidence of wrong doing. The jury only look at the policies the Sheriff has in place, not that fact that he broke every policy he ever wrote. He will be indicted on misuse of the federal seized assets fund. He has done everything with this money including paying inmates for working on his private property. Check out my blog, I have the audit reports online to prove it.

    Thanks for getting the word out

    Rick Rogers
    The Real School Police

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