ZIP Code Lunacy From Some In Metro Atlanta

There are people who actually froth over with enthusiasm concerning what their Georgia ZIP Code is. They evidently live in, and around, Atlanta. Here is their story, courtesy of the AJC.

Johns Creek wanted to be a city with the whole shebang: local pride, local police, local post office. The pride came easily when residents voted in 2006 to create their own government. The police department debuts this month. The post office, and the unique ZIP code that would come with it, could take years. “The No. 1 reason is emotional,” says Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker. “People want the pride of saying, ‘This is Johns Creek, this is my city, this is my ZIP code —”

Good grief, Johns Creek.


  1. Tea Party says:

    Yepper- Got a genuine $137K City Manager, with perks and bennies TO DIE FOR, and now the NEED for a new zip code.

    Of course, every business in town will have to change their stationary, web site etc, to accommodate this ‘innovation.’


  2. SpaceyG says:

    Oh that’s nothing. There’s a hardcore bunch on my ‘hood that’s been advocating changing over to a much more upscale, yuppified zip code for a while now. To no avail. Given that we have the worst possible zip code for crime stats in possibly the entire state, I can’t be too hard on ’em for their sanitization zeal/fantasy.

  3. liberator says:

    Long live the Love Shack and John Cornetta. The voters in Johns Creek need to rid itself of Bodker and those clowns on Council.

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