Voter ID in the headlines

The Supreme Court has thrown out a constitutional challenge to voter ID in Indiana. The Indiana law was less flexible than Georgia’s voter ID law. It would appear now, given today’s SCOTUS action, that Georgia’s voter ID law will be able to get past further challenges.


  1. Eureka says:

    Sec. Handel spoke at a event I attended a few months back and she said that even if Indiana’s law was deemed unconstitutional, because it was much stricter than ours it would not impact our law much if at all.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    The law in GA would not really have been affected. If, however, the law were deemed unconstitutional it would provide precendent for any plaintiff’s attorney to file suit and build another case. The laws crafting and administration is interesting though. I encourage all who do not have an acceptable I.D. to file suit.

    It will eat up tax dollars and the case will be thrown out because of the lack of standing. I say this because the S.o.S. office will just issue an id once a suit is filed…therefore redacting any standing that a plaintiff would have in the suit.

    Voter ids are not a bad idea, sometimes they are…but the plans that were made did not all come to fruition. The current laws on the books were all created roughly the same time that the REAL ID Act was proposed in the U.S. Congress. Had the funding been made available for the REAL ID Act there would have never been these constitutional challenges.

    Thinking about it…that $150Billion “stimulus” could have been better spent on infrastructure than fast food and asian made electronics.

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