Push For Student Uniforms in Bibb County

The push remains on to herald the next school year in Bibb County with some sort of required uniform for students, according to the Macon Telegraph.

Their arguments for the change: If students wear similar clothes, it will ultimately improve school safety, enhance student behavior and help curb saggy pants and students’ inappropriate dress. That, in turn, will free up teachers from dress code distractions.

Seems like just another Band-Aid for the larger problem that schools and society don’t/won’t/can’t deal with.


  1. Live Free or Die says:

    I remember seeing an old news reel showing students wearing idential uniforms in school; it was a bit hard to understand because the narration was in GERMAN!

  2. rptrcub says:

    In spite of the Bibb County public school system during the late 1990s, in un-air-conditioned buildings at the old Miller and Central (Lanier A, oh the memories), I succeeded in getting some form of education that got me into UGA and let me finish there magna cum laude. They started with this uniform stuff back then, and it didn’t work because everyone had the option of “opting out” of the uniform with parents’ permission.

    It became unwieldy to differentiate between the opt-out kids and those who didn’t. Eventually, administrators decided not to enforce the rules.

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