Possible DOJ Complaint Regarding Dunwoody Cityhood?

That’s the word from state Representative Stan Watson, as reported by CrossRoads News.

Watson said that the vote on the bill should have been taken only by the 26-member DeKalb delegation – not all 236 members of the General Assembly. The bill passed the House 106 to 60. “The legislators understand that home rule was violated,” Watson said.

Watson is also a candidate for DeKalb County CEO.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    Somebody might want to tell Stan that Dunwoody will be voting in the CEO race…oh never mind.

  2. MediaGuyAtl says:

    To coin a phrase of a popular Reverend, North Dekalb’s chickens will come home to roost, if the DOJ overturns this legislation. Why are South DeKalb’s legislators so afraid of letting the people of Dunwoody decide for themselves how to govern themselves? Could it be they want to keep their hands in the pockets of the Dunwoody taxpayers? North DeKalb, taxation without representation. The numbers are not in Dunwoody’s favor. It sounds like Stan wants to be just like Vernon. What does Weber or Jacobs think of this?

  3. moocher says:

    I see both sides of this issue and have never understood the whole taxation without representation argument. As a Buckhead resident I’ve always thought it would be nice to be independent from the City of Atlanta again. As long as you have cities with more than one house you’ve always got an opportunity for some of the wealthier residents to make the claim they are subsidizing the other residents. Everyone has a representative vote, it’s just that the wealthier people tend to be outnumbered.

    The Federal government practices wealth redistribution and subsidization in a far more egregious manner.

  4. Tea Party says:

    @Progressive Dem

    Stan was not ever in the CEO race in N. Dekalb, local press saw to that. Burrell ‘tapped’ from the Day One, so Stan has had little to lose.

    Stan is a powerful man and has developed a lot of respect in his Piney Grove Baptist coalition-building meetings. I predict Stan will prevail in the CEO challenge. If so:

    State Reps: Watch Grady and Ms. Stephenson, she is BFF with Mr. Watson.


    The political reality outweighs the economic reality in DeKalb. Incorporation prroponents and DeKalb County estimate Perimeter Mall (PCID) revenue losses to range between $5-16MM on a $800MM budget, respectively. Material, but not significant.

    Politically, anyone running for CEO who takes pot shots at Dunwoody gains votes as a fighter for their constituency. Oddly, those pot shots will help coalesce Dunwoody incorporation ‘fence-sitters” to vote for the costly city. Unintended consequences.


    AHA!!! Where have YOU been? I often wonder why the wealth, power, and wealth (I like wealth) in Buckhead has not chosen to incorporate as soon as Sandy Springs “got ‘er done”??? Could it be that, well, hmmmmm:


    One doesn’t grow their estate by voting in more government or higher taxes…

    Your last sentence sums it all up.

  5. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Hey Tea Party, You’re very eloquent! I agree about the Perimeter Mall revenues. Those of us that live between Chamblee and the probable Dunwoody would like to reap some of those benefits from the Mall. We put up with the cut through traffic, noise and we deserve some of those revenues. I know Mike Jacobs would like to include us in a “Brookhaven” and thats fine and good. But it will cost us more but like you said, Stan takes pot shots at us for his constituents but are we not his constituents too? But unintended consequence? Come on, why can’t Stan embrace the North too?

    However, there are a lot of people that are tired of the politics that are played in our areas and those folks from South DeKalb could care less about us until it takes money out of their pockets. Stan needs to embrace his North DeKalb neighbors not “Fight” them. When will this North-South junk end? We’re all in this together if we want to make DeKalb great! That’s what I keep hearing until we get in those contentious commission meetings.

    Why raise taxes to give our public safety officials a raise when Gannon, Rader, Boyer and Ellis know that they can cut a very small percentage from each department and give those deserving folks an increase. Lee May, who was caught not paying his business taxes, wants to raise ours. I have a problem with that.

    With the increasing energy costs that are effecting all of us, why do the CEO and his minions on the Board want to take more money out of our pockets when they don’t have to? That’s what this whole thing is about.

    We deserve a CEO that will take care of everyone in DeKalb not just “his constituency” those of us in the North are his constituents too.

  6. Tea Party says:


    Thank you. We share the very same concerns RE: Lee May, Perimeter Mall, DeKalb budget reallocations. We differ on the need for a CEO.

    My point regarding Mr. Watson is in the political context. At the League of Womens Voters meeting last year, Stan came to Dunwoody and stated he was ‘disrespected’ by proponents of incorporation.

    That the DeKalb Delegation would make the necessary changes to governance (limits CEO power, heck just eliminate the position!) is not going to happen. When Mr. Maloof and Ms. Levetan were in office the CEO power imbalance benefitted North DeKalb.

    ~chickens roosting~

    The city of Dunwoody is a predictable, natural symptom of local County government that is easily construed as bloated, development friendly at the expense of the school capacity, and becoming more dangerous, crimewise.

    That powerful forces (CH2M Hill OMI/N. Fultons’ lack of H20) would capitalize on this political reality coupled with a genuine dislike for the incumbent CEO, is neither surprising nor the best course for DeKalb.

    WE DO need to come together, the Balkanization of Dekalb, vis a vis incorporation, is a poor solution for the Metro, for Dekalb, and a costly choice for its citizens.

    Per moocher “…As long as you have cities with more than one house you’ve always got an opportunity for some of the wealthier residents to make the claim they are subsidizing the other residents…” So the North-South DeKalb disparity is somewhat a shallow argument to me.

    If S. Dekalb is taxed fairly on the improvements, the County should benefit as a whole. Big IF, I know.

    We need the press to cover the many unanswered questions regarding N. DeKalb incorporation. Hint Hint Hint….

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