GREAT fallout?

Konop posted this in the Qualifying thread and I thought it was interesting:

Wilhite said Jerguson backed the General Assembly’s policies of “tax gimmicks and creating a bigger state government instead of working to improve traffic or education or things that impact people’s lives.”

She alleges that Jerguson supported changes in tax policies that would be costly to “local control of schools,” Wilhite said.

“I will never try to take money away from our schools just to pander to property owners during an election year,” she said.

I wonder if any of these arguements will gain traction in a primary contest? Many Representatives were intimidated into supporting the GREAT plan even though they thought the idea has major flaws. I wonder how many now will find them being attacked in the primaries for doing so. Fun times.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    If you can be “intimidated into supporting something”, despite believing that it’s a bad idea for your community, then you are a weak and pathetic person and do not belong in government.

    Well, actually, you DO belong in government! But you SHOULDN’T belong in government, let’s put it that way.

  2. Rpolitic says:

    John supporting Mary? I am shocked.

    No really it makes perfect sense, the insane tend to run toghether up hear. Mary is wrong, John is wrong again, and she will probably loose again.

    Hey which do you think is worse for Mary, her allegiance to Bill Campbell and Barack Obama, or her support from John.

  3. John Konop says:



    I have been very public Robert that I am friends with both candidates. The reason I made the post is supporters and paid hit-men like you will go nasty and distort facts for cash or just for your hate filled fantasies.

    My only comments about the race as published in the Ledger is people like you are destroying the community by spewing hate over focusing on solving real issues.

  4. Rpolitic says:

    what hate John? Show me the hate. You spewing it out does not make it so. In fact I think most on this site would say if you said it then it must be suspect.

    So John as I have said all along when you want to rant about what I have done. Show me, prove it, put up or shut up.

  5. John Konop says:


    You have attacked my kid on the PV as well as in person. I am not going to bore people over your behavior which many people know about it. The real question is why John Wiles needs a hit man like you to win re-election?

  6. John Konop says:

    Chris Farris

    The tax debate is hot topic in Cherokee.

    This debate is between the current school board/School superintendents vs. the Georgia delegation. It has been rather heated in the local paper and local forum websites. The interesting part is the groups have created different allies this time. It is usually the slow growth group vs. fast growth.

    The Georgia delegation may have even recruited people to run for school board. The other hot issue that makes this interesting is the pro-charter school group. When you throw in the parents upset about the heavy handed lobbyist driven Math 123 from Kathy Cox the election in Cherokee will be interesting to watch.

  7. Donkey Kong says:

    Sean is incredibly hard working and will beat Wilhite yet again. But it won’t be an easy race. Wilhite is a bit crazy and will say anything, do anything to get elected. She would become one of most embarrassing Republicans in the state should she be elected. Wilhite is to the GOP what Cynthia McKinney is to the Democrats. Except thankfully thus far we have had not elected her to office.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    Heck, apparently Sean’s Democratic opponent Kevin even says he is friends with Sean. I’ve never heard someone say they didn’t like him. I really don’t see two legitimate sides to this race.

  9. Rpolitic says:

    As usual John has little understanding of the workings here or the players but that probably does not come as a surprise.

    The fact is Mary is power hungry, like John, and in desprerate need of attention, like John, so she continues to try and insinuate herself into the community that hs twice rejected her, similar to John.

    The fact is we have a school board that does not understand that the Super works for them, not the other way around. That people have the ability to decide for themselves how to fund education. The board members do not have the courage or honesty to do the right thing, much like John.

    This is sour grapes by a bunch of folks who really have little clue, and then being co-opted by a power hungry perennial candidate.

  10. JediJD says:

    “The other hot issue that makes this interesting is the pro-charter school group. When you throw in the parents upset about the heavy handed lobbyist driven Math 123 from Kathy Cox the election in Cherokee will be interesting to watch.”

    I usually read this stuff and rarely comment, but at the time exact time John was making the above observation, Robert Strozier sent some friends an email that he had decided to run against Janet Read, Cherokee County School Board Post 4. He will qualify tomorrow. Should give her a run for her money. Couple of undergrad degrees, ten years of volunteerism with special needs and handicapped kids. Youth pastor and youth basketball coach. Investment manager.

  11. Donkey Kong says:

    Rpolitic, I can’t say you’re right about John, but I think you are absolutely right about Mary. That girl’s crazy.

  12. Donkey Kong says:

    Chris, our leadership (Guv, House, and Senate all included here) wasn’t embarrassing enough?

  13. John Konop says:


    I think the charter school issue will be big in Cherokee. Many parents are upset about math 123 and No Child Left Behind. The charter school is a solution many parents are looking at as a solution to get from under the heavy handed State and federal failed education programs.

    The strange part is Dr. P the superintendent and board are against NCL and math 123 all agreeing this is a train wreck. I have not met anyone in the education system that will not tell you that math 123 another recycled failed program from New York will not drive the drop out rate up and slow down gifted students.

    The sad part is if Cherokee declared the district Charter they could bypass Kathy Cox and create real solutions.

    We could promote the local technical school for students in the 11th and 12th grade to help with the drop out rates. And also help students find better jobs after high school for non-college bound students.

    Also we could keep our national rank math program that allows students in math to use the university system by 11th grade for advance math. We could also expand for even more subjects.

    This would give students a better opportunity and lower the cost to tax payers.

  14. John Konop says:


    It is tough because Mary is my neighbor and has always treated my family well. Also Sean and I have many similar friends and have always had a nice relationship.

    As far as you BEERS on me!

  15. Donkey Kong says:


    That makes sense. Sean’s family and my family go way back. His Aunt was my first grade teacher and has worked with my mom for nearly 20 years. I know them both very well.

    Sounds like a plan to me. Unfortunately I won’t make the state convention this year so I’ll miss any Loafing Leprechaun / PP reunion 🙁 . The City beckons…a fellow PP’er and I were talking a few minutes ago and he said something like NYC thinks its the centre of the world. And I think it actually is.

  16. Rpolitic says:

    Well John that would make perfect sense, take a big government liberal Super who bullies those who challenge him and then suggest he go around the state school board and become even more powerful.

    And who is on drugs?

    The real question is why won’t the Big gov’t boss allow just one charter school?

  17. Icarus says:

    “And who is on drugs?”

    Usually Rick and Liberator.

    Many others here should be, but they hide their meds under their tongues until the nurses leave.

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